You Gotta Make Time, Because Time Makes You

There’s all these sayings and expressions and colloquialisms on time and its quick passing. We’re always saying things like “oh, how time flies!” and “blink your eyes twice and you’re a year older!”

We say all these things to signal to ourselves and others that time is rushing by us, there is too little time to do all the things we want to do. And there is absolute truth to that: we’ll always want or need a little more time than we’re getting. 24 hours in a day rush by, before we know it our holiday break is over, our goals and dreams burst out of our yearly planners.

However, instead of focusing on the time that is moving so fact, maybe it’s useful that we focus more on what we can do with it, and why we should.

After all, you might have more time than you feel you have, and it’s worth the hassle spending it right.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to work al the time and never get to enjoy a moment of just sitting somewhere and letting both the world and time pass you by; it means being conscious of the way you spend your time and IF there are things you want to do with your time, you find a way to do so.

You gotta make the time for it.

The reason you should, is because the time you’ll make for something will also make you.

It’s a famous self help saying that how we spend our days is our life in miniature. Because you can’t say something is important to you and then not spend your time on it.

If you want to be a writer and you don’t actually write, you’re not a writer. You don’t have to write all day every day, but if there’s no words put on digital or actual paper at some stage, you’re just someone who likes the idea of being a writer more than you like writing.

If something is important to you, there has got to be some time spent on that thing. You have to spend your time on the things that you cherish or favour.

It’s important to make the time, whether it’s being with your family, writing, singing, playing an instrument, performing, gardening, learning any new skill or studying any new topic.

You have to make the time, because the time will make you. The way we spend our time shapes us, forms us.

The way that we spend our time forms us into something, and if we spend our time on the things we find important, if we prioritise what feels right and true, the time we make will make us into something that feels right and true.

If we continuously and consciously carve out the time for the projects close to our heart and the people we hold dear, time can make us into the person we’d like to be.

We are who we are, but we are also how we spend our time.

I make time to exercise, because I know if I make the time, the time I make will make me into a healthy and fit version of myself, that I quite like to be.

It’s why I spend time writing, and why I pick writing over other things, because I know the time I spend writing will make me a better writer. The time I make makes me the writer. Not the outside stuff like the output on the blog and the books, but the stuff that happens behind the scenes is what makes me the writer I want to be.

Same goes for less structural or visible things. I gotta make the time for my family, because that time makes me happy, and a caring person who is close to them. I make the time for my boyfriend, because that time makes us a happier and closer couple. The time I make for him, makes me into an affectionate and attentive partner.

I make time for myself, because that time makes me into someone who is in touch with her emotions and well-being and who will probably not murder the person eating a peanutbuttersandwich on the train. Probably.

Time gets away from us superquickly, and if that happens on low priority stuff: Who cares. Emails can wait, acquaintances can wait, laundry can wait.

But make the time for important things. Because no matter what you do, time is going to make you into something regardless! So you might as well decide what that’s going to be.

Make time for the things you want to be made into.

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