Yoga Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Schonbrunn


On my last day in Vienna, I jumped (okay ‘jumped’ might be overstating things) out of bed to go to the last Bikram Yoga studio on my Must Visit in Vienna List.

(Yes, this was the studio I was ACTUALLY meant to visit instead of the Schottenring one)

Turns out I saved the best for last. Take a look at the Bikram Yoga Schonbrunn studio.


It is on the Wietzinger Hauptstrasse 9, which was only one U-bahn stop (Hietzing) and a 10 minute walk from my hostess’ apartment. I was literally there in 15 minutes.

Easy for me to find, even though I was slushing through snow and thanking the Gods I was leaving for snowless homeland that afternoon.






The studio? Beautiful. On the top floor there’s the check in counter with a little shop, a lounge area and the hot room.

White with light and dark purple details, a spacious and light filled hot room that has a view of their outside garden – now snowy but undoubtedly pretty and green in summer.




When you walk down the stairs to the dressing rooms, you walk past these super duper cute stick figure drawings of the entire Bikram Yoga Sequence. I LOVE these. I am not exaggerating when I say would get these tattooed on my spine if I wasn’t such a pussy.




Downstairs were the toilets, the dressing room and showers. Dressing room is pretty huge, with 5 rain showers (they all have rain showers!) and blowdryers and everything. Downside: No lockers here either, but there was a big cabinet at the counter upstairs where everyone could put their belongings in.


I changed and went back up with my cute purple mat and towel to enter the (perfect temperature) hot room. The teacher was a girl from Sweden and she taught an amazing class: She had a very nice voice, with the exact right tone of voice and rhythm for the dialogue.

Sweat was pouring off me and I was tired from walking around, but I did almost all of the postures.

When I got up after the final savasana, a bunch of yogis had gone outside straight after class and were chatting it up standing in the snow. Realizing I was completely surrounded by crazy Austrian people, I decided it was time to go.

So I showered, thanked the sweet Swedish teacher for class and got the hell out of there to have brunch with Maartje.

  • ADDRESS Hietziger Hauptstrasse 9, Vienna.
  • RATES 16 euros for a single class and 110 euros for a month card. The more prices I see of Bikram Yoga studios around Europe the more I curse myself for my expensive hobby.
  • DRESSING ROOMS Big, lots of mirrors and had blowdryers. I approve.
  • LOCKERS No, but closet for valuables that gets locked during class.
  • SHOWERS Great showers.
  • HEATING Heating was perfect.
  • YOGA ROOM FLOOR  Those amazing in non-disgusting industrial concrete floors I love most in yoga studios .
  • EXTRA You can check out the website for more information about the studio.

In conclusion: It’s maybe a little bit out of the city centre, but worth the trip. Plus, the Schonbrunn part of Vienna is cute enough for a visit too.

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