Yoga Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Loft Vienna


When planning my citytrip to Vienna, first thing I did was Google Bikram yoga studios. Whenever I’m visiting a new place I like to check out the local Bikram Yoga studio. To get my exercise in, to get more zen while city tripping, and have a more efficient metabolism for all the food and coffee I’m most likely consuming the rest of the day.

I emailed two studios in Vienna that I liked, to see if they would let a blogger in for free in exchange for a review. First up, Bikram Yoga Loft!






STUDIO The studio is on the Wiedner Hauptstrasse 73, where you have to go onto the little terrain in front of an office building and then it’s on the right. This is how you can get there.

If you have CityMaps2Go (my favorite app for city trips!) or GoogleMaps available, it’s very easy to locate. For me, it was a 15-minute walk from the Ketternbruckengasse U-bahn stop.

The studio is beautiful, with white walls, high ceilings (the whole ‘loft’ thing I presume) and fun blue and Hawaiian themed details, like surfboards and the cutest cartoon wall near the changing rooms.






DRESSING ROOMS Spacious, and there were six (rain!) showers available, and a couple of hairdryers. That last part saves you from major brain freeze.

No lockers, unfortunately. What they DID have, and apparently this is sort of a normal thing in studios in Vienna: little slots in a wall in the hot room where you can store your valuables like wallet and phone.


CLASS The instructions were clear and the teacher had a good pace. Taught in German. I don’t hate that. The clear dialogue in German makes it sound a little more drill sergeant, but I actually enjoy that. Helps me focus.

I also had a few moments where in my head I went “HUFTE WHAT ARE MY HUFTE oh wait that’s hips” and “what the fuck is a ‘ferzen’ and where are they located on my body oh hey heels.” Most of the stuff I got though.

I got some corrections in English on occasion, which I appreciate, even though it screams “there’s a tourist in the room” to everyone else.

They did the Separate Head Stretching, Triangle pose and Separate Head To Knee on the floor instead of turning on your towel so you’re on your mat at all times, which is my least favourite thing, but that’s just personal preference.

The class was hot and I was sweating, but I’ve been (and would be) in more humid and hotter classes. Afterwards I felt relaxed and refreshed and ready to back into the minus Celcius that was Vienna.


  • ADDRESS Wiedner Hauptstrasse 73 in Vienna.
  • RATES 18 euros for one class with towel. Expensive, but not as bad as Paris (that was 25). 50 bucks for a week and 110 for a month. The last one is pretty common.
  • DRESSING ROOMS Spacious before class and after, with everyone coming out. That’s quite a feat for Bikram yoga dressing rooms.
  • LOCKERS No. Which I still think sucks, even with the slots. I have personally never had any problems with my personal belongings, but it does feel safer to have it all in a locker.
  • SHOWERS 6 rain showers.
  • HEATING They had these heaters on the ceiling – Heating was good.
  • EXTRA You can check out their website for more information and FAQS!

CONCLUSION: Good class and beautiful studio, yes. But the guy I emailed hyped it to me as if it was the most beautiful studio in Europe and that is simply not true. I know FortyDegrees in the Netherlands has them beat by a long shot.

Next up in the Bikram Yoga Studio Tour of Vienna, Bikram Yoga Schottenring. Stay tuned. Or not, in which case I’ll see you for non-yoga related shenanigans. Bye!

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