Yoga Studio: De Nieuwe Yoga School.


In November (I think) I paid a visit to De Nieuwe Yogaschool to take a yoga class and write a review. I came for the yoga and stayed for the coffee.

On a random Tuesday I took the train to Amsterdam and undertook the journey from Central Station to De Nieuwe Yogaschool. Taking the tram would have been faster…but who cares? I had time, a basic understanding of GoogleMaps on iPhone and I really appreciate Amsterdam.

I don’t love it the way I love Rotterdam, but I do really like Amsterdam: I love the architecture and the energy of that city. Plus, it must be one of the only places where you see a half-naked girl in a window right across from a lawfirm, a church opposite of a coffee shop and a yoga studio in the middle of a residential area, with just houses surrounding it.

I’ll let the pictures of the studio speak for itself.

…Actually that’s a lie, I can’t keep from stating the obvious: Very spacious, light, beautiful wood everywhere and I could spend hours and hours in their lounge area (which I kind of did)


Check in counter and kitchen


Drink to your heart and health’s desire 


I sat on that brown couch all afternoon, drinking lattes and Pukka tea with Leah.



As you can see, plenty of room to relax and chat with friends or fellow yogis, or just find a spot for yourself and do some work or reading.

I took a yin-yang yoga class, which is a great combination of yoga styles: You get the postures that require strength and persistence for a little while (the strong and male of yang) and the relaxing, opening postures of yin  (the soft and feminine*) you stay in longer to fully get the benefits.

I took class in the yoga room cathedral below (they have a smaller classroom upstairs) from Sijbrand: It was a small group of students, there was some light music playing and Sijbrand has a lovely, relaxing voice to listen to.

Although Downward Dog is never going to be my favorite yoga position, with some instructions I got the hang of it. The rest of the postures too. I liked the yang, but I enjoyed the yin postures even more: There was one posture where I was in a very deep (but relaxing) backbend for about five minutes and that was delicious. That felt really good on my back.

After class I was very relaxed. I got changed in the dressing room and then hung out with Leah for a while. I was also introduced to the masseur who does massages as well as Reiki and got to see his practice room — pictures below.

I’d visit more often if De Nieuwe Yogaschool was closer to Rotterdam, but I am definitely going back. I really like the atmosphere and the wide range of yoga classes they offer. Oh, and their coffee.




Props for the props


Another picture of light and space for empathis


Love it when yoga schools have lockers



Dressing room selfie


Tension Tamers! Getting a massage here is high on my to-do list. 

Practical Info:

  • Address: Laurierstraat 109, 1016 PL Amsterdam
  • Rates: Click here! (But single class is 15,00 euros, which is normal)
  • Dressing room(s): Not very big, but clean!
  • Yoga styles: Again, click here. Lots.  There’s also a bunch of workshops coming up.
  • Lockers: YES!
  • Showers: 4 of them in the ladies’ room, but I didn’t try them out**
  • Floor: Pretty, pretty wood
  • Extras: Their cafe/lounge area is really nice! They play good music, offer a range of books you can browse through and there are all sorts of healthy snacks and drinks you can buy. Also, coffee. Did I mention the coffee?

And that’s that, folks. Amsterdam has another cool yogastudio added to the already impressive quantity of yoga studios. Good for you guys. I’m only a tiny bit jealous.

Thumbs up and Namaste, babies. See you later.

*Don’t come at me about stereotypes because I can’t heLP AN ANCIENT SYMBOL THAT’S DIVIDED THAT WAY OK

**With Bikram Yoga a shower is necessary (because ew) but when I do other types of yoga it’s pretty optional. 

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  1. Wauw wat een prachtig gebouw, die ramen… Yoga lijkt me heel leuk, jammer dat A’dam te ver is voor een keertje yoga maar misschien als ik daar ga studeren!

    1. Waar woon je, Isabel – misschien zit er wel iets in je buurt? En anders nog eventjes wachten en kun je straks naar DNYS!

  2. Haha, I don’t think you have to worry about the stereotypes, since with ying and yang
    both things are parts of one whole. So both males and females have both parts of the symbol.
    I don’t think it’ should be seen as stereotypical.

    That’s one spacious room indeed O.O
    With the high arched windows, it really reminds
    me of my old sports room at school!

    1. I knoooow, I knoooow – I guess I’ve been hanging out on Tumblr a little too much with the social justice bloggers running around everywhere!

  3. Wauw mooi! Ik doe nu mee aan de Lululemon Elfstudiotocht (11 studio’s, één maand, €5 per les) en De Nieuwe Yogaschool is één van de studio’s die mee doet. Ben erg benieuwd naar de lessen van Leah.

    Als je er weer bent – volg dan een les Vinyasa van Mo Stipsen. Ik heb dat bij een andere studio gedaan, en het was ZO ZWAAR maar gaf ZOVEEL VOLDOENING. Ik heb drie dagen spierpijn gehad.

    1. Wat een leuk initiatief! Leah is heel leuk, ik wil zelf ook nog een keer een les bij haar volgen. Ik zal die les onthouden, dankjewel – spierpijn is zo’n nare-maar-fijne reminder dat je lekker hebt gesport!

      1. Ik heb gister een les van Leah gevolgd – dat was heel erg pittig, maar er waren houdingen die me nooit lukken nu opeens wel gingen. Ik vond ook dat ze op een hele fijne manier correcties gaf…

        …nadeel? Die spierpijn!

  4. Super leuk! Ik zag dat de Nieuwe Yogaschool facebook je blogpost had gedeeld! Ben je ook wel eens bij Delight Yoga in Amsterdam geweest? Die wil ik gaan proberen.