YESYESYES: TedxDelft 2012!

It was bright and early as I stepped out of the bus and waddled my way to the Technical University’s Auditorium through the rain: Finally, TedxDelft 2012. I am so happy I felt healthy enough to attend and do something that’s been on my Goal-List from the moment I saw one of the TedXTalks: Write for a TedxEvent. And here I am. May be early, but couldn’t be more excited. Bouncing up and down like a gerbil.

After coffee, a tour and a T-shirt, I got installed in the blogger’s room and that’s where I am right now, sporting this supersexy look.

If that doesn’t make your morning, I don’t know what does.

I’ll be posting the blogs I write today on my own blog as well (about Boyan Slat, for instance!), but if you really want to know more (and see the livestream), you should go to the TedxDelft website. The theme is Never Grow Up and let me tell you, they put their money where their mouth is. I’ll post a complete review about the entire day this weekend. Have a good day!

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