Work-Outs When Away On Vacation.

(Getting out of the water this sexily seems a work-out in itself)

I’m not very high-maintenance when it comes to holidays: I just want to be somewhere where it’s sunny and where I can draw penises on my boyfriend’s back with sun lotion.

I also want to get a work-out in here and there. Whereas I spend a lot of my vacation on my ass, floating in water or lounging on a beach towel, I also incorporate some exercise in my holidays. Vacation is about feeling good and having a great time (preferably with a lot of sun and without major insects crawling in my bed or on various body parts). Exercise is one of the easiest ways to get in a great mood, burn some calories, work your muscles and get tanned in the process.

I like to feel fit and working out is one of my best ways to feel (and keep) fit while I’m in a different country, enjoying my vacation. These are the ways I plan to exercise this holiday:

Running. That’s right, babies. Two weeks before my vacation I dusted off my Nikes! I didn’t want to start running from scratch in a country with crazy hills and high temperatures so I figured I’d run to warm up a little. Amazingly, I could still run a five km, after zip running this entire year. Sure I run slowly, but at a steady pace and I really enjoy it. Therefore, I plan to get a few runs in, especially in the morning when boyfriend is still comatose (he’s not a morning person).

Yoga. Thanks to the different yoga classes I’ve been taking this summer, I now know that sun salutations come in different varieties (A & B! It’s like a short version of Sesame Street, really!) I can do a couple of those in the morning along with some Bikram and Asthanga poses. I think I’ll mostly do backbends and standing bows, because you know what? It’s my holiday and I can totally play favorites.

Hooping. Although completely new to this way of exercising, the ginormous Fun-Factor and that you can do it anytime and anywhere makes it a Vacation Favorite. I want to be able to dance around a little while hooping, so that’s basically all I’m going to be doing when I’m hooping on my holiday. I hoop to the most poppy songs like Jessie J, Rihanna, some old-school J.Lo and even Britney as well as Robyn, Michael Jackson and Cari Lekebusch — techno for the win.

Swimming. Obviously! When I have a swimming pool (or a big salty version of that) at my disposal, I love going for a swim. To cool off and move my muscles. It’s a very relaxed way of exercising, very easy on the body. Slap on a cute bandeau bikini and it’s all good.

The rest of the time I’ll probably be chasing my boyfriend around our campsite, moving food into mouth and burn a lot of calories by reading. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

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