Work Out Self Help Hipster Style


 (Taking my Internet addiction to the next level. Namaste.)

I do not have the standard super-inspiring exercise routine.

Every once in a while I tried to fit that into my life, I really did. But nope. Not the type, not my style.

That’s 40% because of forces beyond my control (my job, my body, only 24 hours in one day that I want to fill with a million things) and 50% my Can’t-Be-Assed-itude.

The other 10% is undetermined, possibly cookie dough.

So, this is how I work out throughout my average week: How to work out Self Help Hipster Style!


But I never do.


There are always things that come up. This happens because of my job (whoops extra deadline and working a few extra hours!), my schedule (oh hey you had an appointment you forgot about!) and life choices (any opportunity for Food Comas with Friends will be fucking seized!).

Plus, there are days where I think ‘fuck it, I want to take a bath and eat cookies’…And then I go take a bath and eat cookies (and it’s AWESOME).

Because of all the aforementioned things happening, I end up exercising about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes 2, sometimes 5.

Sometimes once. Sometimes zero. Gasp.


At this point in my life, I have an absolute zero freak-out rate about this. How much I should or shouldn’t go, how I am “abandoning my goals” or “self care” or whatever. Who cares.

It is pointless to me to spend any mental energy on whether or not I made the right call to exercise or not when the decision was already made.

I don’t get antsy when I made the choice to skip a yoga class so I could do another thing I wanted/needed to do. It is what it is.


When I finish a project early enough to squeeze in a yoga class before going home, I make a break for the yoga studio. When a friend cancels on me, I go to yoga instead if my favorite teacher is doing class. When there is time and it isn’t horribly inconveniencing, I do go for a run in between appointments or things to do.

Because the reality is, I do love to exercise.

I like to sweat, I like taking care of my body and I love a good run or a good yoga class. I love how relaxed and energised I feel afterwards. Plus, I enjoy being reasonably fit and being able to sprint to the subway if need be.

In short, working out make me feel good, so I do really like to go when I can.


They don’t have my life. I don’t have their lives. I do what I can, when I can.

Exercise is a priority at best, not the priority.

DSC_0004 3

I just wanted to share the way that I fit exercise into my life.

I know that fitness is written about a lot online — a lot of it written by people who do it way different and way more intense than I do. Maybe that inspires you, which is good.

But if it sometimes discourages you too, because it seems so hard and overwhelming, realise you can do this, the whole healthy lifestyle thing, in a different way too.

Anything that is more ‘you’ is often way more comfortable and will probably make you happier.


For me, this is what works right now. Every work out I do is a win, every work out I miss is shrugged off wit zero fucks given.

I feel great, and am actually pretty confident that this method is how I’m going to be happy and healthy for the upcoming future.

Hell, this way of doing things is how I’ll be able to run half a marathon in three months. See you then.


(Disclaimer: This might change in the future because fun fact people change, lives change, things change.  So heads up if you ever want to go “oh God you’ve changed, you’re abandoning your principles” well friendly reminder a) I don’t have principles and b) and when someone on the Internet starts doing something differently than what you’re used to, just grab a stack of cards and DEAL WITH IT.)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Fitness and health is different for everyone and SHOULD be as we’re all different mentally and physically. Just because someone belongs to a gym and goes 7 days a week, doesn’t make them better than me because I like to hike a couple days and do a treadmill run a couple times. Maybe I should work out more but if I’m not stressed about it, they shouldn’t be either. My life. My plan. Period.

  2. ja ik doe het ook zo, maar dan fitness en heel soms hardlopen. yoga-lessen al poos niet meer gedaan, maar ga mss weer eens beginnen. ben een beetje bang voor de teleurstellende resultaten. ik hou ook van mezelf klem-eten en marathon-series kijken. gelukkig van mezelf geen gezeik met schuldig voelen na afloop want daar heb je alleen jezelf mee.
    haha, die disclaimer :p beetje fel wel for my likng, maar mss is het nodig? spreken mensen jou op die manier aan dan, van ‘toen en toen zei je zus en nu doe je zo?’ want dat is ook best irritant en aso dan. lekker doen wat voor jou goed voelt zou ik zeggen. wat weten wij die jou alleen van je blog kennen er in godsnaam van :p

    1. Haha wat betreft die disclaimer: Ik kom graag fel uit de hoek. Niemand spreekt mij er zo op aan (maar dat hoeven ze ook niet te proberen) maar ik zie dat wel veel gebeuren online, en dat vind ik achterlijk. Niemand blijft voor altijd hetzelfde en precies wat jij zegt, dat je iemand van het Internet kent wil niet zeggen dat je alles weet. Dus high five, jij snapt het. 😛