6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Teen Wolf.

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 (All images used in this article come from this amazing Tumblr borrowed out of her amazing Tumblr tag) 

Lord knows I was always more into werewolves than vampires. I was totally Team Jacob back in the Twilight Days, and I had the hots for Tyler Lockwood more than anyone else on the Vampire Diaries. YES, even over Damon.

And then Teen Wolf came along. Here’s why you should watch Teen Wolf.

Warning: Spoilers and MAJOR fangirling ahead.

1. THE BOYS. Almost all of them are gorgeous. From the teen wolves to the older wolves to the hot dads. They’re all very fit. And they take their shirts off ALL THE TIME (Supernatural writers please take notes).

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Main werewolf Scott McCall is just adorable, and Isaac Lahey is all sorts of sexy and weird. In real life, Isaac Lahey is Daniel Sharman and HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT I REPEAT HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT.



Derek Hale. He’s not so much Teen Wolf, he’s a Twenty-Something Wolf. In the best possible way. That guy is unreal in terms of beauty.



Left is one of TWINS. THEY HAVE HOT TWINS. Even with their weird scrunched up faces they’re really cute, in a Taylor Lautner llama-kind of face. The guy on the right is side character Danny who is gay and beautiful and shirtless LOTS of the time.




This one. I mean. What.

He is so fucking cute. My Teen Wolf-friend and I are obsessed with Stiles Stilinski (aka Dylan O’Brien.) He’s not supernatural, but his gifts are sarcasm, wit and flailing limps. It’s endearing AND hot. Great combination.

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Spoiler alert he goes crazy and gets evil at one point. Not gonna lie this plot twist did weird things to me.



 4. THE FEELS I am still recovering from the last episode. I basically drowned in a pool of my own tears, and that wasn’t the first time. The finale might kill me. Friends, get ready.

supernatural hahahaasupernatural




5. THE TAG I LIVE for the Chrys Watches TW Tumblr Tag. It is AMAZING.

mccalllahey mccall-lahey-2 mccall-lahey-tw


It’s this girl on Tumblr who writes captions on the screenshots of episodes. They’re so perfect in their random, fanfictiony ways. I’ve used them throughout this entire blog post and when I can use a pick-me-up I browse the tag. They never fail to make me laugh.

daniel-sharman-chrys-watches-tw daniel-sherman-chrys-watches-tw

3. THE GIRLS You know why I like the Teen Wolf girls? Because they exist for more reasons than just relationships. They have other shit to do. Because they have real strengths and real weaknesses, and separate story arcs. Oh, and because they’re beautiful.


Lydia Martin is my favorite. I have a thing for characters like Lydia and Caroline (Forbed, from the Vampire Diaries): They seem all bratty and bitchy at first, but they’re actually brilliant and fucking badasses. Keep women like that coming, please.

(Also, I need Lydia to start making out with Stiles like. I ship them so hard I’m practically FedEx.)



Kira Yukimura and Allison Argent. Both badasses (and feeling a certain Teen Wolf if you know what I mean)



6. THE MUSIC. I am obsessed with the Teen Wolf soundtrack. This one from the rave episode (Illuminated) is my favorite, but there is a whole tag on 8tracks devoted to it. In terms of cool and beautiful songs on the soundtrack it’s right up there with the Vampire Diaries.



So why do you need to start watching Teen Wolf? The boys, the Stiles, the tag, the girls and the music.Also because NOBODY except my one friend who’s not on any social media watches it. I NEED other people to be overly emotionally invested in this TV show.

Let me know if you are on Twitter. We can talk. And fangirl. Ok bye!

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  1. Ok, deze ga ik echt als eerst volgende serie kijken! Mijn favorieten zijn ook Jacob & Tyler en Caroline vind ik geweldig. Alleen daarmee heb je me al overtuigd, haha.

  2. XD This was an article I would never have expected here. I don’t even think they air this in Belgium…
    I never heard about it at least

  3. when i first started watching teen wolf i immediately fell in TRUE LOVE with it. its so true that all of the boys are so freaking attractive. every time i hear or read about teen wolf ending i get this feeling in my stomach like NOOOO and it most definitely does NOT feel good i really DO NOT want teen wolf to be over. one time i actually started crying when i heard it was ending. and everyday when i am at school or something and i think about teen wolf and i freak out cause i really want to watch it. (aka like right now) ahhh i love it SOOOOO freaking much!!! but hey i got a friend who looks just like Tyler Posey so i am good. but i still would die w/out teen wolf. lol <3