What To Do When You Feel Like Shit

Rough spot?

I got you.


Bad news first: Life is unfair, you have to deal with bad stuff and bad stuff comes in so many forms and shapes that throughout life you’re bound to be surprised by a new unimagined horror from time to time.

Yikes, am I right?

But that’s the bad news.

There’s also good news.

First of all, feeling like shit isn’t fun – but it won’t kill you.*

Trust me on that one. It sucks, and life is harder for you because you feel like shit, but it’s nothing that will kill you.

Here’s what you do.

You survive. 

Whatever it takes. You make it through. Sometimes that’s all you can do. You survive, and you do what it is you need to survive.

You don’t thrive, not because you never will (again) but because you’re not there right now. You’re not in that spot. Survive before you can thrive. Doesn’t matter what happens to anyone else. You? Your purpose right now is survival.

Whatever it takes, whatever you need.

Eating (but not too much) and sleeping (but not too much) are common denominators, the rest is very specific. You might need completely different things to survive than I do, so I don’t want to bore you with my suggestions. You know what you need. And if you don’t, ask a professional, someone who’s been through it or someone you trust.

There’s only two things people who feel like shit all have to do:

Survive, and don’t give up. No matter how much you might want to from time to time, please don’t. It can get better, and in so many cases it truly will. You just have to survive until that time.

So please. Do that. Survive.

*Unless it turns into depression or another deeper psychological problem, in which case it CAN kill you and you a 100% need to reach out to a professional in health care. I cannot stress this bough. If you feel like you’re on the verge of crossing into that area, pick up the phone right now or tomorrow to get help. 

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