Video Plus Notes: How I Work With Manifesting.

  • I focus on the positive in my life. The more you train this, the easier it becomes to attune yourself to that. Just looking around you and giving your attention to all the things you like and love. From a cup of tea to your mother to the weather to that cute skirt. Positivity is where it’s at.
  • I snap myself out of negative stuff by forming a positive intention statement. As said, I get all worked up over this one woman at yoga and the moment I spend too much time and energy on how annoying I find her and that she ruins my vibe, that I snap myself out of it by going: “But what do I want?” The answer is “I want relaxed, quiet yoga classes.” It works.
  • I write Universal Wishlists down all the time in my Paperblank. Basically these are lists where you write down what you want, whether it’s material or not, whether it’s realistic or not. Write down the things you really really want into your life. The more powerful you feel about the items on it the better (boosts the energy behind it).
  • I also write down Gratitude Lists. Everything that I am grateful for gets a shout-out, from almond milk to quality time with my mother to my iPad to my long night sleep with my boyfriend. The more grateful you are, the more you can receive to be grateful about. Plus, it helps you get perspective when you’re stressed out. Things are good, you know?
  • The Worksheets of Jessica Mullen. Amazing. Click. 
  • I make little mental orders all the time. Whenever I see something that evokes a happy inner excited ‘Oh! I want that!” exclamation, I place a little inner order that I would love to see it in my life one day. From cute blue yoga shorts to a beach house to world peace.
  • I also visualise a lot, whenever I’m listening to music and am on the go. I visualize scenarios that include the things that I want. All you have to do here is put on some invigorating favorite song and let your mind play with the things you want to have. It puts you in the right mood and can really help getting you going.

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  1. Really loved this video! I came down with the flu this morning, so I’m stuck to my bed all day. Major headache, so can’t tolerate any form of light. Seems like a perfect moment to visualize and put this in to practice! x

    1. Haha if I were skilled enough to pull that off on camera I would but you should look elsewhere for that! 😉

  2. Dit is behoorlijk irrelevant maar ik vind dus dat je heel mooi bent, zowel qua uiterlijk als qua persoonlijkheid voor zo ver ik dat kan beoordelen via internet 🙂 Dus ja, bij deze.