SHH Loves Urban Bakery Rotterdam.


In my defense, this article would never have happened if I hadn’t run out of spinach that morning. After yoga, I had to stop at a supermarket, and so instead of going my usual route I took a different turn to the closest grocery store. Right after I got my spinach (another love story altogether), something caught my eye. Something cute. Something with a pink logo. Something I like more than anything else to find in Rotterdam: A BAKERY. SORT OF NEAR MY HOUSE. WITH THE BEST LOGO EVER. ALSO CUPCAKES.

Now before I go into this, fair warning:

  • This is not a regular thing don’t be fooled this is a clever ruse I am just using it as an excuse to go buy cupcakes
  • I don’t know what I’m doing so here are some pictures and some sentences put together have fun good luck and God bless

…If you still think you wanna read this, carry on.



So. Urban Bakery Rotterdam. Look at the chalkboards. I am just going to let all the different choices of sweets sink in for a second. Take your time.


OBVIOUSLY, I went in and snooped around until eventually I got to talk to the owner, this beautiful blonde woman who looks like she was made to do this; hands covered in flour, smiling at customers and making some of the best darn cupcakes in the city.

She told me that everything is made from scratch; no Easy Bake, no powders, no nothing. She also makes sure to use only fresh produce, preferably in season.



I don’t like fudge (ate too much of it as a kid) but looking at this, it looks like I am missing out on a lot of possible flavor explosions.



After walking around like I was Charlie in the Chocolate Factory (but with boobs -kind of- and a Dutch accent) for a while, I picked two treats I wanted to try:


Blueberry cheesecake. All the awards.



I understand this looks kind of unattractive at first sight, but hear me out. Oh man. This cupcake? THIS CUPCAKE? It’s like that guy you see at a party. At first, you’re just like ‘oh no’ but then you come closer and he’s not so bad, so you start talking to him and he’s really funny and charming and he gets cuter and cuter by the minute and the next morning you wake up and you’re wearing his underwear as a partyhat. THIS CUPCAKE IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THAT HAPPENING TO YOU. IN YOUR MOUTH. WITH BAKED GOODS.

Now you hopefully understand how unexpectedly amazing this is, it’s a chocolate-cheesecake cupcake.

Ahem. I went back this week and this time I ordered the Blueberry Cheese Cupcake and the Strawberry Cheesecake (don’t judge me I was taking samples*) and those were really good too. I’m a sucker for cheesecake in general but the Blueberry cheesecake was my favorite as well as the  weird looking cupcake.

If you wanna check out The Urban Bakery, this is their Facebook and they’re open Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 on Voorburgstraat 209 in Rotterdam. If you get The Boxer Hat Guy Cupcake make sure to Instagram me the picture!

*Since this blog is now on-line, if someone can come up with a new excuse for me to buy cheesecake that’d be super. 

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  1. ‘and you’re wearing his underwear as a partyhat.’ Lol.

    Also, you should buy cheesecake because the guy who invented it called it an art, and you should support arts. Furthermore I discovered the form of cheesecake we now eat, was called ‘placenta’ thousands op years ago. Go freak people out by saying you’re going to eat a placenta and grin with crazy eyes while you say so.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your next review, about how different cheesecakes taste after different types of yoga. I know it’s a lot of work having to try them out after every class but I’d really appreciate it, thank you!

  3. Ik doe dus ALTIJD boodschappen bij die Albert Heijn er tegenover en moet me IEDERE KEER inhouden om niet los te gaan bij Urban Bakery. SOOOO GOOD! Heb ooit een hele lading muffins gekocht als traktatie voor mijn volleybalteam toen ik jarig was. Ook ERG aan te raden!