Treasure Chest Recap!

WHOOPS – Sorry! Had a major case of (Letting) Life Get In The Way last week. Which is ironic because usually the Internet gets in the way of life instead of the other way around. Especially in my case. Anyway, you can find my apology right here, and if you can take a joke: here.

Now let’s get on with it. I showed a picture on Instagram of this cute little box this weekend and some people still remembered: The Treasure Chest Exercise. 

Last June I wrote down a few Universal wishlists and put them away in a box for six months. I called it the Treasure Chest Technique. What you do is you write down things you want to have in life, your closet, your line of work, your kitchen, your house, put it in the treasure chest and leave it alone for six months. The empathis is having fun figuring out the things you want and then completely letting it go. You don’t peek, you don’t spend time thinking about it: You just live and see what happens.

This weekend I opened the envelopes to see what I got and what I didn’t.Let’s review the results.

I wrote down 52 things and manifested 31. In some areas everything I wanted, save one or two, has come into my life, in other areas only a few items on the list came true. Geek that I am, I calculated the percentage: My success rate is 59%. To be honest I thought I would hit more around an 80% rate but I did a couple of things wrong that screwed up the lists I think. Oh well. As I assume Hugh Hefner might say, let’s see if I can get it up next time, sweethearts.

Let’s go into specifics.

Fashion & Beauty: By FAR, the most dissapointing. From my 18-itemed wishlist, I could only cross of 8. That’s not even half! I have the suspicion this is because even though Fashion&Beauty related things have value to me, this area is not my top priority nor my strong suit. I really only give it my attention when I’m in the mood for it and that’s only every once in a while.

The funny thing is that I set the strong intention that I wanted more warm winter clothes and realized that gloriously within a week: Bought one dress (1), received a late ASOS order (2), got to pick some warm cardigans from my aunt’s fabulous wardrobe (3, 4) and found two sweaters on sale at an outlet (5,6). Maybe it’s more sensitive to what you want Right Now, not so much the Long Term: I lose interest in it pretty quickly.

Fitness & Health: Yeah, lol, no. I reviewed it and this is pretty much a little list of (ridiculously unrealistic) goals that I abandoned completely. I think that when it comes to fitness goals, you really should review that stuff daily to keep your eyes on it, because otherwise you’re going to let it slide. I AM finally able to do triangle pose, a posture that had been kicking my ass for almost a year. But that’s a story for another time, another e-book.

Blog & Work: 10 out of 11, with some leniency on the numbers. I aimed for 500 bloglovin’ followers and 1000 on Twitter: I have around 700 on both accounts! I got my first advertorial, gave a workshop (with the second one coming up!), wrote another e-book and am in contact with some really cool people. All I need to do now is get self help publishers to send me their books for reviews but I’m thinking that if I get off my lazy ass and send an e-mail that’s pretty doable.

It’s been a good six months in this area, especially if you consider I’ve only had this blog since February. I think this area was most impressive because it has been the most important to me. I am devoted to it, even when I’m not consciously working on it or thinking about it: Writing and helping people are my deal and maybe that’s why this literally came easier.

Relationships: Five out of five, but I don’t know if that should count: I just wanted everything (relationship with Manfriend, Lin, old friends, meeting new people) to be the same or better and it is.

Material Possessions: This was the most interesting thing to me: I got really specific and wrote down 8 things I really wanted and manifested 5. Unfortunately no Louboutins, iMac or dehydrator just yet, but…

I got the white Matstone slow juicer a few months ago because my old one broke, but had completely forgotten that I wrote down that specific brand and color on that list; it was just a good deal I found on-line. Manfriend and I bought Rayban Wayfarer and Aviators in Venice , Manfriend got me a Nespresso machine as a gift two weeks ago and I also received the iPhone 4s in the mail for my new phoneplan. Thought all that was pretty neat.

In conclusion, it was really fun to open all the envelopes and see what came true and what didn’t. Some of the items I wrote down didn’t hold that much desire for me anymore, and some I still feel as passionate about as I did before. The relatively ‘low’ success rate threw me off a little, but I’m not complaining. Now I am thinking about what I am going to write on the next lists that I’m putting in a box on Christmas eve so I can open them in May and see what has happened. I’m hoping I’ll be hitting an 80% success rate by then!

I wonder about you guys, because I know some of you were planning on doing this too? Did you? And how were your results?

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  1. I had actually forgotten about it, but I made one in the summer, so I’m not going to open it just yet. I did have a lot of fun making it and I’m looking forward to opening it one day 🙂

  2. Glad that you’re back! I honestly really missed your articles. I kept checking your blog (even though bloglovin’ told me there were no updates) hoping to see new articles! So thanks for updating 🙂

    I think I’m going to make a treasure chest for new year, so that I can combine new years resulations with the LoA. And it keeps me off the streets these holidays haha.

  3. What a great idea. This may be something good for me to do now. All I have to find is a nice box to put all the lists in and a place I can save it, so I don’t forget to open it in 6 months and not think about it the rest of the months. To bad you didn’t get succes rate you wanted to have. X