This Is Not A Helpful Article But It Has Bullet Points.

Yooooo. Random blog post.

I literally took this picture half an hour ago so I’d have imagery for you guys with this morning’s blog post.

And they say that narcissists don’t think about other people.   


  •  Markiplier, my favorite on YouTube, started a new longer Let’s Play: I’m SO happy. The game is Until Dawn and it’s like an teen horror movie where your choices affect how the story goes. Game version of Cabin in the Woods, I’d say. I love it. First episode here.
  • I really like Justin Bieber’s new song ‘What Do You Mean’. Spotify link here, correct version I cannot find on the Youtubes. It has Kygo and Diplo vibes, and Justin might be a little douchey, homeboy can sing.
  • The new album by the Weeknd. YES. After talking about him in the podcast, I’ve been on a real the Weeknd kick. There is something about someone who sings like a whiny little bitch about sex, drugs and being fucked up. Listen to it on Spotify here.


(You can practically see me debating whether or not this is going to be worth getting cut out of the will for) 

  • My grandparents’ celebrated their sixty-year anniversary yesterday. Man. Together for over half a century. Mad respect.
  • The party was TURNT, obviously. From 16:00 to 20:00.
  • It was literally full of people who I didn’t recognise except for the fact that like 50% has roughly the same nose as I do. Yay genetics!
  • As is apparent in the picture I am alone, because my boyfriend is in the United States with friends. At one point during the party my attempts to convince my family members he did in fact, exist, became a little sad.
  • My boyfriend thinks it’s funny, so he’s just going to keep up making excuses to see my family until they put me in therapy.


  • By that time he will have been gone for 4 weeks. I hate dramatics so I think it was fine (I mean, he is not at war or anything) but after the 2-week mark I got a bit “okay, at one point you need to come back so we can make out on your couch and I can show you weird things on the Internet in person.”
  • He sent me a picture of a mini Yoda he got me. Now all I need is mini glasses and a mini brown wig and I have myself a Self Help Hipster mascotte.
  • I’ve just been at work all this time, so I’m getting him a chewed up pen and a coffee stained university mug.


(Because I’m not really into fashion. I’m into fabric that covers my body that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.)

  • The Beyonce shirt above was seriously THE wardrobe surprise of 2015. I got it for free with my other Beyonce merch order in February – I wear it ALL the time. More often probably than my Flawless and I Woke Up Like This shirt. On jeans, black trousers, tucked in a pencil skirt (fuck yeah so professional). Maybe I should wear a little more print after all.
  • My giant sweater obsession is also acting up so I’ll probably be purchasing colourful Adidas sweatshirt asap.
  • Same goes for this sweater. The June & Josephine webshop is FINALLY open. Can’t wait to see what products are coming next.
  • I have no idea what is going to be ‘in’ this fall, but I know I’ll be draped in this giant fucking H&M scarf ALL THE TIME. Sans ice-cream, with a pumpkin-spiced latte probably. No better time to let your inner white girl shine than autumn.


  • First, shower because what you’re looking at in the pictures is literally the ball of a human that rolled out of bed at 9 and put on a cardigan and glasses. For all you know I’m not even wearing pants!*
  • After that it’s groceries and cleaning my house: The upcoming weeks I’m going to be so busy with work I’ll literally only be here to eat leftovers and sleep.
  • Then I’m seeing Laura for coffee at the Urban Espresso Bar. She just moved back to the best city in the world, so good times and coffee will be had by all.
  • Finally, tonight I’m making a fuckton of my favorite pasta so I don’t have to cook and can eat that ALL week.


*I’m not wearing pants.

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  1. Until Dawn is zo gaaf! Ik kijk ook naar Markiplier maar bij elke keuze ben ik zo benieuwd naar wat er anders zou zijn, dat ik misschien ook nog wel naar een andere youtuber ga kijken om te zien hoe anders het uitpakt 🙂

  2. you’re more and more becoming my favorite person on the internet.
    also, how about a “how to be totally cool while doing awesome stuff” tips and tricks kinda series? How to meet cool people, how to make life easier, how to figure out what kinda person you wanna be in life, how to make oatmeal? Granted, that oatmeal thing might be a bit … difficult. 😉