10 Things To Do This Fall



Summer may be my favorite season (OF ALL TIME), but I can appreciate all different seasons for their beauty and characteristics. Except when it’s cold, then I hate everything.

And my second favorite season is autumn. I like the leafs, the new beginning in September, sunny autumn days. The food is definitely another big reason for me to like autumn.

I like to make the most of each season, and here’s how I like to do that, with a list of things to do this fall. Activities and things to do in autumn, for your entertainment and inspiration.

(Fun fact about this article: I actually wrote this in July, with my butt on a pearly white beach in Thailand after reading this article by Mariet. And then I forgot about it until I read this article by Lisanne. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder, ladies.)

1 FOREST WALK You know those clear-skied, sunny autumn days? Drive to a forest and go for a walk. I’m so looking forward to this: Hand in hand with Will, arm in arm with Lin. If I can get them all together at a convenient time, my family.

Nature is good for you, so yes: Forests. The trees, the quiet, a lost squirrel or rabbit to spot. Hot chocolate or cappuccino after. If you don’t know any forests nearby, you can find forests in your area here. So do it. Go for a walk. Take a friend, leave your phone at home.

(Or not, because who knows what escaped convicts lurk in the bushes.

Kidding. But bring your phone just in case. Just don’t take it out of your bag UNLESS a person with a deranged look on their face comes running towards you.)

2 BEACH WALK On that note, if you live near a beach, go for a walk there! With the sea breeze ruining your hair and the screeching of the sea gulls that is supposed to be relaxing, you’ll be all fresh and chilled out when you come home. (Before you go, find a relaxed beach bar that’s still open for hot chocolate.)

3 SNUGGLY KNIT I’m going to splurge a little and buy a comfortable, high quality sweater. You should too (but take your means into consideration. We’re not going in knee-deep depth over a garment.)

Buy a nice warm something that will keep you toasty starting now, but will also be able to keep you warm straight into winter.

4 CITY STROLL* Buy a big ass coffee to go and stroll through your city. I personally love Rotterdam in any season, and I think that my ‘ugly’ city is quite extraordinary once you’ve opened your eyes to it, and you’ll probably feel the same way about wherever you live.

So go to your favourite coffee place, get yourself a tall whatever to go and saunter through your hometown.

5 CHILL SESSION Turn off the WIFI, light candles, and sit under a blanket with tea and a book. Tell your boyfriend to shut it when he makes fun of you for it. A reading session under a nice blanket is good for the soul. I recommend my own e-book (cough PLUG cough).

6 EAT WITH FRIENDS Invite your friends over for hearty lunches or dinner. Hangover optional, unlike last year.

7 COOK WITH CREATIVITY Experiment with typical autumn foods. All desserts should have cinnamon in this season. It’s like, the rules of autumn.

8 DISNEY NIGHT Invite over your girlfriends** and watch classic Disney movies on a cold night. Movies like Pocahontas, Beauty & the Beast, Aladin and Cinderella. Put on Dumbo if you want to reduce your emotionally unstable friend (me) to snottering and blubbering emotional wrecks.

Bonus points if you do it with wine. More bonus points if you do it with champagne.

9 SCENTED CANDLES Find the best scented candles ever and make sure your warm and comfortable home smells great. Yankee Candle probably has good ones.

I have legit, never in my life, bought a scented candle (for myself) except for those 2$ tea lights at IKEA and lemon-scented mosquito repellers. Time to go through that rite of passage.

10 GRATITUDE. Give Thanks. With both the American and Canadian Thanksgiving in autumn, the falling of the leafs, the world getting ready for a new year, what better time than to reflect on all you’ve been given this year. Think of all you have to be grateful for. Feel gratitude.

And there you have it. 10 things to do this fall, with lots of focus on friends, feeling warm and loved and of course, food. Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend!

*Man, for someone who just broke her ankle I sure as shit talk a lot about walking.

**Or force your boyfriend to do it with you if you’re that type of monster. 

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  1. “All desserts should have cinnamon in this season. It’s like, the rules of autumn.” True story bro. Ghehe ik zit hier in mn uppie te grijnzen terwijl ik je blogpost lees. Ik kan er alleen maar mee instemmen, leuk geschreven iniedergeval! 😀

  2. fijne lijst! ik moet nog snel wat nieuwe kaarsen inslaan. en ik ben zo blij met vrije weekend en mooi weer, vorige week ook met een koffie door de stad & het park geslenterd, heerlijk!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. De herfst is best leuk, als het me lukt om van de bank af te komen en naar het bos te gaan. Ik woon aan de rand van de Veluwe, dus mooie natuur genoeg, maar soms vergeet ik dat even. Of weet ik niet waar de energie vandaan moet halen (de laatste tijd).