The Wonderful Worksheets of Jessica Mullen!

It’s nice to have all these theories about improving your life, non? But how about filling out some paperwork? πŸ˜‰ And believe me, it’s not at all boring, difficult or tiring; it’s actually really fun, inspiring and invigorating! Whether it’s Law of Attraction, Radical Self Love, Gratitude, Manifesting, anything else: why not put your pen on paper after reading all about it? How about doing some fun worksheets?

All my favorite worksheets come from Jessica Mullen. Jessica is a professional lifestreamer: someone who manifests her life completely according to her mindset. I love her ideas and tricks, and my favorite thing about her website are the worksheets. They are absolutely brilliant. With them, you put what you know to such perfect practical use you get surged right into the right mindset and manifesting. I love doing them, they’re one of my favorite fun ways to work with all the magic of the Law of Attraction and all that. Here are my favorites.

60 Things I Love About …: On this worksheet you write down 60 reasons you love something. The best thing (and people don’t realize this nearly enough) is you can do this about anything. Not just about people, but about places, events. Your mother, but also your great fitness studio, the language you’re learning, the new job you want or have, anything! And the more you find to love about a thing, the better! I’ve done this one about my best friend, who keeps it in her planner wherever she goes. I’ve also done this about the apartment that I loved, where I now live. The more love you feel, about whatever you can, the more your life will benefit, and with this worksheet, you will definitely feel the love.

Daily Self Love: An all-round fun worksheet to do every day to stay in tune with self-love, gratitude and working towards what you want. It reminds you of the things you love about your life, about you, the things you want to treat yourself to. It’s such a good thing to do if you want to get a stronger, more positive outlook on life.

Financial Abundance: Β This is a very special one in my opinion, because it focuses solely on the positive and fun aspects of attracting financial wealth, prosperity and abundance. I think this is so great because manifesting money can be incredibly difficult because of all our fixed (and often screwed up) beliefs we have about money, rich people and how we are supposed to make our money. By making yourself feel abundant through this worksheet, you’re working through all of that and coming closer to creating that prosperity in your life.

Now/Daily/Weekly/Monthly: Jessica made this one as a reminder to herself of the things she loves to do, things that make her feel good.By turning it into little lists like this they become ‘Scavenger Hunts’: once you’ve done a few, you kind of want to collect them all. I really like this one too, it’s very simplistic but strong.

Gathering Momentum: This one is probably my favorite. It integrates so many things of a positive lifestyle where gratitude, manifesting and intuition play a big role. During the summer I did these sheets probably every other day and they made me so focused and happy. Definitely a top recommendation.

If you click here, you will be directed to her website with the worksheet tag: you can download the worksheets, read her theories and articles about them. There are a few other sheets, such as an Universal Grocery List (sound familiar?) and a Solution To Your Problem Thing, so go browse and feel free to tell her I sent you. I hope you love her worksheets as much as I do!

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  1. The Now/Daily/Weekly/Monthly is my current favorite, because it’s so simple yet so effective. At first I was like “why do I need this? As if I can’t remember what I need/want to do?” Turns out, I can’t.