The Superwoman Trick

Sometimes you just have these days or weeks that take their toll. You have to cram several different deadlines and appointments into a short period of time. Whether it’s work, exams, both or family duties, there is just a lot of obligations you have to juggle. While trying to work-out, eat right and occasionally kiss your boyfriend on the mouth instead of accidentally hitting him in the eye when you crawl into bed at night.

…Not that I’m talking out of experience or anything.

I do have some experience with crazy weeks like that. And sometimes, I need an extra bit of mental magic to power through. Giving yourself that is actually pretty easy. This little trick for example can work wonders. It makes those type of days or weeks easier for me:

I think of myself as Superwoman. Or at least the Superhero version of myself. I just go “okay, sweetie*, I know there’s a lot going on but you can do it. Turn on the superhero-ness. Activate Superwoman Mode. Start kicking ass.”

And then I envision this cute supergirl emblem under my regular clothes. Occasionally with a little neon. It’s silly, I know, but it’s a fun little thing that gives me some extra energy. It helps me do what I gotta do; it’s cute, it motivates me and makes me smile at the same time.

So dearies, on this Monday, or on any other crazy day or week ahead of you, this might be a little help to you too. Access your superhero side. Just to help with your day to day lives, the deadlines and the potential drama we all encounter from time to time, transform a little into your superhero to deal with it all.

*I call myself sweetie. We’re on pretty good terms.

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  1. You know what works for me? Wearing my ‘I am awesome’ T-shirt. Don’t care who sees, on days like that it really works! Guess what I was wearing after a break-up? Everyone should have a superhero T-shirt or something..

    1. OMG I want an I’m Awesome T-Shirt. And a superhero t-shirt too. Actually, I might need to go shirt shopping.

  2. Great! I always do this while I’m doing super difficult and almost impossible balance workout exercises. Genuinely makes me feel like superwoman. 🙂

    But in my work and life altogether, I’m a little bit too good at this. I keep telling myself I am a Superwoman for several weeks. But because I am clearly not, I break down eventually and feel very disappointed in myself. Not good…

    1. Even supergirl needs some me-time, a good night sleep and a little rest every now and then. Keep that in mind, dearie!

  3. I always pretend that some cool music is playing in the background as if my life is a scene from a blockbuster movie when I get ready in the morning/make dinner/am at work/other usual things. But if you are really tired, you are tired. Listen to your body, it loves you.

  4. Yeah I try to say that as well when I barely coop with all the deadlines (after a complete breakdown and panick-attack)… Maybe I should buy that superwoman t-shirt as well 😉 But sometimes rest and relaxation is needed in stead of saying “you can do it”, just because your body does not want to go through all the stress any longer. I just happen to have that experience and that’s not something you want as well 🙁