The Self Help Hipster Podcast S03E07: The Time Paradox

Sorry for the delay, but there’s a new podcast episode!


Book of the Month

Andrew and I received the book by Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd, the Time Paradox! I had a copy of a friend, but the Kindle version is 16$ on Amazon.

Philip Zimbardo is a huge name in (pop) psychology, he’s best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment, and the book reads like a big parade of the biggest things that happened in psychology, somehow related to…time.

It’s an interesting read on human perspective on time, and it’s not a very practical self help book but inspiring you to take a look at your own attitudes towards time.

You can take the surveys to check out your own attitudes on time here!

  • “Your attitudes on time have a profound impact on your life and your world.”
  • “Whether you look for happiness in the past, present or the future, you experience happiness in the present.”

Pop Culture Pleasures

  • Lianne: Wine Country on Netflix (read my Dutch review on that movie here!)
  • Lianne: Godzilla, King of the Monsters. OBSESSED. Saw it twice.
  • Lianne: Good Omens, it’s on Amazon Prime and stars David Tennant & Michael Sheen in the TV recreation of Pratchett’s & Gaiman’s awesome book.
  • Lianne (I had a lot to share this week): The Loch. It’s terrible (especially in terms of how Steve Alten writes about women) but I like it for what it is — suspense ridden monster stuff. I love it even more when I found out the movie The Meg is based on one of his books as well.


Next book

Atomic Habits by James Clear! Highly recommended to me by Internet friends, it’s time to start reading.

See you for the next episode!

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