The Self Help Hipster Podcast S02E02: The Universe Has Your Back

New episode of the Self Help Hipster Podcast, season 2!

Fair warning: when I listened to the podcast I don’t think it’s up to our usual standards.

Which is my fault entirely, not Andrew’s. I’m all over the place, stuttering and not being my usual eloquent self. I have been under the weather with (what I thought was) a pretty bad cold, but the days following the recording I was in bed with…something. And it wasn’t Channing Tatum.

If this episode disappoints you, I hereby apologise. Next episode will be better, promise!



We’re reviewing The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. You can get the paperback here* for 12.99 euros (and it’s in stock!) or the ebook for 16.99 euros here.* You can also get it on Amazon* (10.16$ Kindle, 14.93$ Paperback 8.09$!)

Gabrielle Bernstein has written Add More Ing To Your Life (2009), Spirit Junkie (2011), Miracles Now (2012) and May Cause Miracles (2014).

I’ve written reviews on all of them except May Cause Miracles (I didn’t really dig the 6-week program when I first got my hands on it); you can click the links to read the reviews!


Andrew’s was this weird as shit Sid The Science Kid Bad And Boujee thing. I’m still laughing about it, and feel I should watch after downing. bottle of NyQuil.

Mine were:

6LACK’s incredible album, called Free. The EPIC tweets I was referring to in the backstory were actually posted in 2013 (not in 2011 like I said), and you can see them above. I find it incredibly inspiring.

He also performed together with the Weeknd in LA (not Atlanta like I said) which is a full-circle moment for him because as you can read in this Facebook post, the Weeknd’s EP House of Balloons -which featured High For This- is what got it all started for him.

I’m livin for this backstory and the album 6LACK produced. It’s insanely good.

Also, the Weeknd’s new album because HOLY SHIT.


PASSION PLANNER My obsession is the Passion Planner!

After using a bunch of planners and trying apps, I safely settled on the Passion Planner. It’s a gorgeous planner for 2017 and you can download a printable on the website, but I highly recommend just buying it. It’s just so solid and fun.

I first learned about the Passion Planner via Susannah but I didn’t really give it any thought until I bought Vincent a Passion Planner for Christmas. I got him the beautiful vintage brown one and spent two days eyeing it with interest (and okay, envy) until I ordered it for myself as well.

RESTRUCTURING METHOD Andrew’s obsession is this method he talks about in the podcast with index cards and stickers, with which he helps companies restructure their goals or objectives and way of being.


We’ll be discussing Money: A Love Story by Kate Northup next! This is a book on your relationship with finances and money, with the tag line: Untangle your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Want!

You can get it here for 12.55$ for Kindle, which is where I bought it once upon a time, but I saw features it as an ebook for 9 euros!

Which reminds me, for those of you out there who are interested in money and our relationships with money: The book we’re gonna review focuses more on the spiritual and psychological aspects of money, but I received the Financial Detox* to read and I think that seems a bit more practical. Haven’t read it yet but will soon. Just a tip.

Alright. Later babies!

*So many affiliate links. No need to click em unless you want to get some new (awesome) books. 

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