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After my holidays and throughout busy September, my usual healthy lifestyle took a kick to the groin. I had less time, had my mind on other things and that’s when Accidental Anarchy happens: I had a lot less green juice, went back to bread while I had been eating salads for lunch and basically had more processed and unhealthy stuff.

I was too busy to notice (and then I got sick…Coincidence?) and had a little helper to keep me from feeling the negative side effects, but I missed the clarity and energy of eating very healthy. I now have more time and energy to reinstall my usual Healthy Lifestyle so that’s what I’m doing, and I started by taking a good look at my kitchen.

First up, the appliances from left to right:

  • The blender: Funny that this thing has been in the back of my cupboards for months, but since my beloved food processor is currently residing in Lin’s kitchen after a raw pasta-marinara date last week I got out the blender and have been using it most days for smoothies. My current favorite is this one, although I add lemon juice and frozen raspberries to give it more taste. Also, it has replaced my coffee maker. I think it’s a smart move. Less caffeine confrontation.
  • Slow Juicer: I love this thing so much. Not only does it juice like a dream and is it much easier to disassemble and clean, you can prejuice.Β You don’t have to drink it straight away but can keep it in the fridge for 1-2 days. It saves time to make juice in bulk and then clean it up instead of making three different juices three different times and then clean the entire thing three separate times too. (I got a couple of questions about this thing when I bought it, it’s a Matstone and it comes from this website. I think it’s great.)
  • Citrus Fruit Squeezer: I drink hot water with lemon juice, grated ginger and a little bit of apple cider every morning and when I’m not juicing I find it easier to use this regular ole’ squeeze machine.
  • Automatic Kettle (?): I drink a lot of tea during the day, so I honestly couldn’t imagine living without this machine. I mostly drink green tea and fresh mint tea, but I do like the apple-cinnamon, jasmine-green tea and Russian Earl Grey by Lipton.

These are basically some of the superfoods I (can) use every day, except the raw cacao because that makes peopleΒ me a little manic.

  • Chia Seeds: They give my every smoothie and yogurt-treat a wonderful texture, are full of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and iron. Plus, they are very neutral in taste and when you soak them in water they take up 9 times their own weight, which is excellent for hydration. Have I mentioned how much I fucking love chia seeds?
  • Lucuma Powder: It’s a sweetener that’s very low in sugar and high in nutrients, and so I add half a teaspoon here and there to yogurts, smoothies (the ones that need sweetening) and desserts.
  • Hemp Powder: Since I’m not the biggest fan of beans, tofu and other protein-rich vegetarian/vegan foods, I often worry I don’t eat enough protein. This is purely protein, all vegan and can be added to all smoothies and juices. I’m not the biggest fan because it makes things taste ‘hemp-y’, but it’s bearable.
  • Raw Cacao Powder: Β Highest in antioxidants, chockfull of nutrients (magnesium and chromium are through the roof) and let’s not forget, delicious. I don’t have it every day anymore, but occasionally I make a delicious dessert with this.
  • Maca Powder: The small container with the white lid contains maca, a pretty damn potent powder that works your hormones (in a good way), which consequently benefits your mood, energy and libido. If you have problems with your skin and think it’s probably due to hormones, it might be an idea to start adding a tea spoon of maca to your diet for a month and see if it helps!
  • Spirulina Powder: Seaweed powder and another source of protein for this often-protein-deprived person. I add it to juice and have come to love it. Taste The Ocean.

This is stuff I add to my salads to add a little ‘oomph’. There is only so much spinach a girl can eat without wanting the taste of something more, and I believe you can’t live on cucumber and lettuce alone: If you’re going to eat salads for lunch, you have to dress them up nicely. Doesn’t need much explanation but from left to right…

  • Hemp seeds: Rich in healthy fats, but more importantly, delicious.
  • Nori sheets:Β After Nettelie (check her Nadelunch recipes) tweeted about it, I tried and fell in love. I rip up a nori sheet and sprinkle the bits over my salad. Works especially well when your salad is all greens, has an avocado in it and some raspberry vinegar dressing. Amazing.
  • Sunflower seeds: Not my favorite, but add a little bit of bite and crunch.
  • Pine nuts: My absolute favorite. I don’t even roast them, I eat them plain.
  • Walnuts: I use these whenever I’m eating a salad with goat cheese or with lots of sprouts.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Always a nice touch.

These are the things I usually use to make desserts or raw cacao treats.

  • Raw Cacao Powder: Obviously. Easiest way to use this is buy blending it with a banana or two and maybe some almond milk for a chocolate shake.
  • Cacao Nibs: nice and crunchy. They’re quite bitter but once you hopped the Raw Cacao Train, you will soon learn to love them. I’d sprinkle them on a brick and eat it.
  • Coconut oil: Superhealthy (and great for beauty tricks) and can be used to make solid chocolate as long as you freeze it or store it in the fridge.
  • Figs: The little bag in the front are dried figs with a little bit of powdered sugar. I got them from the guy at the herb stand and they’re very good. I eat them as snack.
  • Cacao Beans: Jeez Louis, I thought cacao nibs were bitter but these are another thing entirely. I hardly ever use them because they are SO strong, but when I use them I first crush them and add them to something that is already quite sweet.
  • Coconut Butter: Excellent for solid chocolate, and can also be used on bread and in other recipes.
  • Cranberries: My favorite dried fruit, ever. I like the half sour, half sweet of them and add them to whatever.
  • Almonds: I never eat almonds as a snack — I’ve tried but I’ve come to the conclusion I just find them bland and would rather eat other things. I use these to make almond flour or almond butter.
  • Goji Berries: Nice in terms of taste but they’re very hard and dry, I usually let them soak before I use them. I add these to smoothies and yogurts.

And now for the category “I Have This In My Cupboard, So Why Don’t I Use It?!”

  • AlkaGreen Powder: Basically a green powder with all the good ones in the mix: Wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella and a whole bunch of other good stuff. This is particularly awesome to add to (orange) juice. I hardly ever use it. Should use it.
  • Quinoa: Superhealthy grain! WHY don’t I cook with this more often!?
  • Carob: The superfood sister of raw cacao, but is less potent and comes with less ‘drug-like’ effects. It’s very sweet, has a caramel type taste to it and is excellent to use for desserts. Perhaps I should.
  • Chick peas: Pretty much the only legume/bean-type thing I actually enjoy up until this point. I should make more chickpea burgers, hummus and chickpea curries. Note to self.

And now I’m going to my new favorite store and get more kale and wheatgrass. More greens to freak out Manfred, hooray. Have a good Friday!

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  1. Love this article! You always make me enthousiastic about eating healthier!! Though I still have to put it in practice! πŸ˜‰

    Ps: I’ll mail back soon, promise.

  2. Yum! Inspirerend! Ik probeer zelf ook steeds gezonder te eten, maar heb nog wel eens de neiging om voor simpel & lekker te gaan ipv meer werk & goed voor me. Hoewel gezond ook lekker kan zijn πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, you are doing really amazing! I am definitely going to incorporate more nuts and seeds into my salads or even just as snacks!

    Chickpeas and quinoa are actually my favourite things to eat, it’s really funny to see them in your Why Don’t I Use It category. I eat chickpeas made the Surinamese way (with lots of garlic and pepper), and quinoa with avocado, tomatoes and lemon juice!

  4. Leuk om te zien! Wat ook lekker is met kikkerwten: ze eerst laten weken en koken, dan laten drogen en vervolgens roosteren in de oven met kruiden. Ik gebruik graag garam masala, limoensap, chili en komijn en natuurlijk zout, peper en wat olie. In de oven ‘poppen’ ze en worden ze lekker crunchy.

    1. Alleen is daarna je oven ZO VIES! Ik heb die kikkererwten een keer gemaakt en gesmuld dat ik heb, mmmmm. Maar foei, toen ging ik de oven uitschrobben en moest ik heel hard huilen :’)

      Dankjewel voor de link, SHH. You’re the best πŸ™‚

      1. Huh? Hoe dat dan? Ik doe ze altijd in een ovenschaal of leg ze op een blad met bakpapier, dan valt het reuze mee met de smerigheid! Ik moet trouwens altijd grinniken als ik ‘zo vies’ zie staan, dat was vroeger een van mijn bijnamen. Maar dat terzijde!

        1. Haha, fijne bijnaam πŸ˜‰
          Nou, ze poppen letterlijk in mijn oven. Als in: elk kikkererwtje ontploft en laat een spoor van destructie achter. Boeeee πŸ™

  5. Ik wil zo graag die slowjuicer hebben! Ik haaaaat het telkens schoonmaken van de onderdelen van die van mij. En dat je het kan bewaren is ook chill. Blijft het echt 1-2 dagen goed? Of ligt het eraan wat je erin doet?

  6. Fijne post! Ik ga de Alka Greens binnenkort proberen, los tarwegras was al een enorm succes.

    Ik schiet iedere keer in de lach als ik ergens chlorella zie staan. Bij onze drogist heeft wekenlang een bord buiten gestaan met daarop het opschrift: “Heeft u al Chlorella” en ik heb dat wekenlang gelezen als “Heeft u al cholera?”. Dus nu kan ik dat woord niet meer zien zonder in de lach te schieten. πŸ˜€

  7. Aaah, Quinoa staat er ook tussen πŸ™‚ my all time favourite. Lekker door salades of met banaan en een notenmengsel door de (soja) yoghurt. Prima ontbijtje!

  8. Leuk artikel! Vraagje; waar haal jij al die producten vandaan? (Aan eten). Zoals die cacao nibs etc, ik heb geen idee waar dat te halen in Nederland.. En die dingen als lucuma poeder, heb je die van De Tuinen ofzo? Ik wil het allemaal hebben haha!