The Purpose Of This Blog

A little over a year ago, I started this website. Because I wanted to. Because I ran out of funny things to say about myself and all the coffee I drink. Because it’s safer to chronically over-share your self help knowledge than your love life. Because I wanted a website different from everyone else’s, because you know, ain’t nobody got time for that. I wanted different. I wanted funny. I wanted helpful, authentic and awesome, and I wanted to deliver it in my own voice, in my actually-tragically-mainstream glasses.

Over time I got a little lost in my own high standards and the purpose of the blog. See, I refuse to write anything that I’ve seen on seventeen different blogs before mine. It’s a pride thing. And sometimes I want to be helpful so badly that I can’t come up with something to say. Over time, I tried to take myself out of the website, because I felt talking about myself didn’t really serve the purpose.

But I was wrong about that. Because the purpose, the one thing I want to share most, beyond my dumbass jokes and my head-in-the-clouds nonsense, is how I am actually improving my life with self help. And what I believe more than anything else is that anyone can do that.

You really can help yourself. Through your choices and words and actions. By what you do, what you eat, what you choose to say (or don’t say). You can help yourself by selecting what you expose yourself to, the books, the people, the environment, the activities.

You can help yourself every single day by doing things that make you better, healthier, happier, more successful, whatever you want.

It doesn’t have to be on paper and in books. It fucking shouldn’t be. It is in there, but you can (have to!) take it out. You can use it and practice it. You can take it out off the books and off the Internet and see if it really works in the real work.

And more than anything else, I created this website for information and evidence that it can be done. This website is a wholehearted fucking “YES” to whatever it is you want to do.

That yes, you can become disciplined. Yes, you can learn how to be productive and stop procrastinating. Yes, you can create great habits.

Yes, you can go from unfit and lethargic to fit and flying. Yes, you can go from couch potato to work out junkie. Yes, you can get used to green juice. Yes, you can go from a standard Western diet to a raw food diet.  You can have a good relationship with food and your body.

Yes, you can figure out finances, love, friendships, goals, dreams. Yes, you can co-create your life. Yes, you can customize your life to your design. Whether it is through rigorous behavioral adjustments, spiritual guidance, asking the Universe, goal setting, manifesting, or all of the above: You can do it, however you want.

And I don’t want to just tell you that, I want to show you how it’s done…and that it can be done. That yes, you can work out every day. You can decide to quit coffee. You can meditate. You can get high grades or perform excellent at work. You can give up toxic people and attract  the right ones.

Because the most important thing to know about me for you, sweet angel face reader, is this: I am just like you. Literally. I have no special abilities, no gene that poses any advantage in this department. I have flaws, problems, sometimes I am down, sometimes I just want to watch TV and sometimes I eat too many cupcakes. The only thing I have going for me is a self help book collection and an Internet connection.

So whatever I write about, whenever I write about something that I am doing, be it healthy food, spirituality, manifesting, productivity, relationships or personal stuff, you have to realize my main message on-line is always always always this: If I can do it, so can you.

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  1. So awesome. I have been reading your blog now for about a year and a half now and I feel like so much of what you have written I can relate to because you are REAL. Many major changes and transformations have occurred in my life since then and you have inspired me in many ways be it manifesting abundance, yoga, healthy relationships, positive affirmations, practicing gratitude, bringing humor to my life.. Thanks a million.
    xx Sonia

  2. So I already read your web for like 1 year and I hate to comment on topics but now I feel like I really have to, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! It is so inspiring and every time I read something I feel better and I am ready to use that in life. When I am feeling down, this is the best place to go and let me cheer up because I can always find something useful on your blog. THANK YOU A BILLION MILLION TIMES

  3. Ik ga even in het Nederlands reageren, want wat ik wil gaan zeggen kan ik niet in het Engels uitdrukken.
    Mede dankzij deze site ben ik mijn leven gaan veranderen. Ik heb er zelfs niet eens altijd even bewust bij stil gestaan, maar ik ben veranderd van een sloddervos die haar afspraken nooit na kwam (ik had ook heus wel leuke kanten hoor, maar dit was nu eenmaal mijn grootste irritatie), naar een veel gestructureerder persoon, die bovendien ook nog eens veel gezonder in het leven staat. Er valt nog zoveel te leren en te veranderen, maar mede dankzij jou ben ik zoveel gelukkiger dan ik ooit dacht te kunnen zijn. Dus ga alsjeblieft door met wat je aan het doen bent, want het is goed.

  4. Sometimes it’s good to think about the purpose of your blog and what it is that you want to write about. It helps to find your focus and I think it makes you (or me or anyone) a better writer and maybe even a better person. It could be thinking out loud. I like your purpose and I agree with you, we can change if we want to. It will cost time and it’s hard work, but it will make life a lot better.

  5. This is such an eye-opener to take life in my own hands, and at the same time, it doesn’t make me feel too bad about my down day, sitting at my desk looking around instead of writing my thesis, and eating sugary crap which I’d normally refuse. Thank you for your inspiration!