The Law of Attraction: How it works for me, part I.

Since I’m an advocate for the Law of Attraction, it’s only fair I tell you why, right?

I’ve been using the Law of Attraction for as long as I can remember. When I was very young, I somehow instinctively always told myself that I would always get what I want. I was not a spoiled child, I just believed that if I really wanted something, there was just no possible way I wouldn’t get it. And thus, whenever I really really wanted something, I got it.

I did it instinctively at first: what I deeply desired, I got. When I was younger, this mainly applied to (nerdy) toys, but when I got older I started to attract other things I really wanted. It’s important to state that this wasn’t always the best thing to do: Sometimes you want things that aren’t good for you. When you get them, that’s great at first, but it sucks later on. Sometimes what you want is not what you need. I learnt that the hard way. But that doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction wasn’t my ally, I just didn’t know to use it well. Now I’m a little older I understand it better. Which leads to less fucking up on my part – True story.

Little helpers

  • I decided for myself “I want to take healthier lunches to work.” That very afternoon, my dad buys me a salad shaker.
  • I wanted to make a little more money: an extra assignment at my current job opened up.
  • My ginger supply ran low and I wanted to get more after visiting my grandma. “Sweetie, do you use ginger in your juicer by any chance?” Her exact words. My grandma, who never uses ginger, ever, had accidentally bought too much for a recipe she had tried. She gave me a ziplock bag full of ginger when I left.
  • I declared I was a writer, out loud, to other people. A few weeks later, Girlscene publishes my article and I am asked to join Team Evolyfe.

Songs on the radio

  • This is going to sound insane to a lot of you, but I have this thing where I think of a song I really want to hear. Then I just let that thought go and focus on my driving, occasionally switching radio channels. Next thing you know, I accidentally tune into that song starting on a random radio channel.

Red Bull

  • This is probably my favorite one, just because it is so eerie. I always start craving Red Bull when I’m at a party, and whereas I have had the luck my boyfriend or a friend goes and gets it for me, it went a little further once. I was with Lin at a festival and said: “God, I really want a Red Bull.” Unfortunately they were 1,5 coins, and we were the half coin short for a can. “We can go get more,” Lin offered. “Nah,” I said and kept dancing.  Less than a minute later Lin looks down at her feet…and there’s half a ticket. 
More tomorrow. 

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  1. Lovely post. I got a story like this myself: I told my boyfriend about ten thousand times: ‘Now wouldn’t it be nice if your best friend got a girlfriend I actually like and we could do nice things together’. And what do you know? Months later he found a girlfriend whom I do not only like, but totally adore and love to bits’.

    True story.

    1. The Universe always tries to exceed our wildest expectations, right? Or at least that’s what keeps happening to us. Kisses!

  2. Ik geloof je meteen, want ik doe dit ook al sinds dat ik erachter ben dat het zo werkt. En dat is nu denk ik zo’n 4 jaar. Precies dat wat je zegt. Je komt er soms achter dat de dingen die je wilt niet altijd even goed voor je zijn.

    Mijn voorbeelden: Heel graag een mp3/iPod willen. Hem een paar weken later krijgen zomaar als cadeautje van kennissen.

    Met bepaalde mensen in je leven willen hebben werkt het ook. Met vrijwel alles. Mooie dingen. (:

  3. Hoi Genesis!
    Mooi om te lezen allemaal! Het klinkt bekend. Dan maar even de vraag van een ‘onwetende’: hoe kan het soms zo fout gaan? Dat je iemand in je leven wilt, diegene er ook is op momenten waarop je denkt: dit kan geen toeval zijn, maar er vaker niet is dan wel? Is het niet de juiste persoon, geloof ik er niet hard genoeg in, of?

    1. Hey Mimi, you might want someone in your life, and some things might be ‘faith’ or ‘attraction’ but you gotta take into account that 1) you are still dealing with a person. Interpersonal relationships can go wrong because of us (both the other party as well as ourselves), especially when there’s lack of communication, dishonesty or personal issues. 2) you might be dealing with a lesson in the form of a person.

      I once thought I had the right person, but it was just the right person to teach me a few really important lessons about love, self-worth and how your actions tell you who you are. Please don’t ‘blame’ yourself (don’t I believe enough?), because that’s not it. Just know that if it’s meant to be, it will be. If it’s not, something (someone) better is out there for you.

  4. Haha I have an eerie one with my best friend that sounds very much like you & Lin’s!

    Ok so get this- queensday 4 years ago we were sitting at musuem square amsterdam waiting for the rest of our group. Plastic bags filled with albert heijn bottles of wine because we’re classy like that. We were about to pop open the first one only to discover… we forgot a corkscrew!! We sat there a bit defeated for about 15 minutes, wishing we had a corkscrew… until someone just walked up to us and handed us one.

    WTH right. hahaa it was amazing and it was something to never forget. It was a great day 😉