The Law of Attraction: the cognitive approach.

To me -now- the Law of Attraction is a very intuitive thing. It makes sense to me to a certain extent, that even without truly knowing why, I know it’s the most basic of ideas. I trust some of its logic.

I have both accidentally and purposefully put it to use many times throughout my life, but especially the last three years: I’ve seen what it can do. I trust it and I try to work it in my favour. To me, it’s a huge thing, consisting of a bunch of different fragments. I’m going take you through it step by step, and I just wanted to start with the easy part.

Disclaimer: The Law of Attraction is also majorly flawed. Some of it works and makes sense either logical or intuitively, but some of it is Crazytown the Band, the Musical and the Livetime Movie.

I try to give it to you straight, so here’s the first bit: the Law of Attraction cognitive approach.

You can dress it up as “what you give is what you get”, which is true. You can say something like “as the inner, so the outer” which is also true. But I don’t believe I’m in a country song nor a biblical verse, so I’m just giving it to you straight up, as simple as I can. Like attracts like.

Do you remember the lunch hall scene from Mean Girls? I do – it’s awesome. Jocks with jocks, art geeks with art geeks? Asion nerds together? Asion hotties grouping up? Whatever posse, the same type of people flocked to the same type of people. They attract each other.

If you go from the people perspective to a thought perspective, it goes a little like this: Thoughts on your study attract other thoughts about studying. If you think about health, you attract other thoughts about health. Thinking about exercise will attract more thoughts about exercising. It’s a very simple process of association.

So far, we’re on very neutral grounds. If you think about going to the gym, thoughts might pop up about different fitness classes, that guy you know who is a personal trainer, your friend who’s gotten really fit from a certain regimen. It’s just that thoughts about the same stuff attracts more thoughts about that subject.

But it doesn’t have to be neutral. It can also turn good or bad.

If you think about the extra pounds you carry, you only attract more negative thoughts about your body. Are you worrying about your boyfriend? You will find more reasons to worry. Didn’t he come home late a few weeks back? And why didn’t he tell you he loved you today? Are you freaking out about your grades? You will attract more reasons why you think you should freak out about school. Like that professor you think doesn’t like you, that one time you had a shitty group assignment and that one book you never really could study without falling asleep.

Up until this point, it’s a very basic mental attitude thing. Like attracts like. Positive attracts more positive, so positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts. If you’re going to be an optimistic, happy thought person, positive thinking will be(come) super easy for you and you will find countless positive thoughts doing cartwheels in your head. Negative attracts more negative, so negative thinking only will attract more negative thinking. If you keep up your negative thinking, unhappy thought spirals and pessimism, you’re going to turn into a bit of a Debbie Downer, I’m afraid.

So, it all starts with a good mental attitude, with good thinking. (Try to) think positive. Find things to be grateful for. Try to look for silver (or bronze) linings (or rainbows) in your cloudy skies. But the Law of Attraction is not just a thought thing.

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