The Higher Self: Embrace It.

Probably one of my strongest beliefs is that we’re supposed to evolve into a self that integrates all our most beautiful qualities and is suited for the highest purposes of our lives. We are designed to become the best possible version of ourselves. That is really growing into our skin.

And you don’t become your Higher Self because you want everyone to like you, that doesn’t matter. It’s because you want to be completely in line with who you are and what you do.

Not because you’re not good enough as you are. Not a sign of no confidence. It’s because you know you’re good enough you give ourselves room to become better, to embrace that. It’s self love that can make us change into the identity that’s perfect for us, one that we can embrace completely.

I also believe that the potential of this Higher Self is already within us and that it sometimes guide us in what we do — which is awesome. You know those moments when you feel great, doing exactly the things important to you and your well-being? Where you’re nice without effort and negative shit just slides off you? Those days where you’re in some sort of flow? That’s when you’re acting upon that inner higher self.

I know exactly what my Higher Self is and looks like. And yes, I’m going to describe a really whacky meditation trip now: so if that’s too much for you, go have a cookie or scroll down to other posts. For those interested, it’s an adaptation of this exercise by Steve Pavlina: Basically I do the whole sit-down-and-get-calm-deal and then I visualize myself going up an elevator, chatting with my subconscious doorman and going into a big ass room where someone is sitting on a big ass couch. That someone is waiting for me and that’s my higher self. 

She looks exactly like me, but she’s always wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. Which is no coincidence because I feel best when I wear that: I feel most like myself in that outfit. My Higher Self is maybe a few pounds lighter, her hair is a little longer but we look identical. Except that she’s always smiling and so peaceful, so filled with love and joy that it radiates off of her. To me that is both very comforting and intimidating. I mean, holy Shit. Am I supposed to ever be such a peaceful person made out of pure love and puppies and everything?*

During the meditation we always hug and we sit down on the couch and we talk. I sometimes just sit with her and take in the imaginary glory. But what I like  most is ‘talking’: I ask a question and we then have a conversation. The thing about ‘talking’ to my Higher Self is that I get a glimpse of how I would act, think and feel if I acted upon this beautiful version of myself.

My Higher Self is my sexy inner Dalai Llama. My Higher Self never tells me to have a temper tantrum. My Higher Self tells me to chill the fuck out (true story) and  communicate. My Higher Self teaches me not to be jealous or vengeful, she focuses me on positive changes and improvements in my own life and that of others. My Higher Self brings me into contact with the unconditional love, peace and happiness that (apparently) is already inside of me.

It’s great to have a solid idea of what you want to change about yourself, your life, your attitudes and your future. For me it really helps to integrate all of that into the Higher Self idea. For me, that makes sure that I never lose sight of who I am in the process, this way other people’s ideas can be helpful but never replace my own.

It’s my higher Self: So I can never forget I’m just trying to let out the things I already am and have on the inside.

Okay, enough self help spiritual crazy talk for the day. I’m off to spend a Sunday with my family and tonight I’m dancing my proverbial pants off with my best friend and our boyfriends. Except that I’ll probably be in whacked out leggings, but you get the expression. Kisses!

*The answer is yes. Daunting task or not, I’m wholeheartedly striving to be that person. Go Higher Self Or Go Home.

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