The Effects of Food: a Personal Tale.

If you’re looking for someone who is a 100% vegan, a 100% raw or a Food Guru in whatever other way, you’ve got a bad blogger in me! You know, I read stuff about food and I know some stuff about food; but I am not very good at explaining what you should eat. I can only tell you what I eat.

Because I, ladies and gentlemen, am a Health Food Advocate, who has a crush on Juices, Raw & Superfoods, yet still comes with a serious case of No Carbs Left Behind, Coffee Love as well as Brownie Munchies.

And that’s okay. Imma do me, and all that. I’m going to pull a ‘You’re Snowflake’ now: we are all unique. With different bodies, different sensitivities and different internal plumbing. While some foods may have a universal effect (caffeinne jitters, anyone?), other things may be different for you and me. I know for a fact that when I eat spicy food, my entire brain ‘opens’ up, creating a sort of creepy pepper-induced high, but I have a friend who eats peppers like they’re mints and he doesn’t seem to have that problem. So here’s a list of certain foods and the effect they have on me. Maybe you’ll relate, or learn something!

Veggies: Give me tons of clean, pure energy. Especially when I drink loads of green juice, I’m much more energetic and ‘clear in the head’. Salads are good for me, green juices are good for me. When my diet is primarily plant-based, I’m usually feeling pretty good.

Fruits: I juice most of it, which makes me feel great. I always have a 2-3 veggie: 1 fruit ratio so my blood sugar won’t get all loopy. When I snack on that instead of other things, I’m satisfied but not really full, so it pays for me to have an apple or orange in my backpack.

Sprouts: Love ’em. They have shitloads of enzymes and nutrients and when I eat sprouts in salads (I’m also known to just snack on mung bean sprouts) I feel it’s good for me too.

Wholewheat bread/Wholewheat pasta/Wholegrain rice: Although there are people who suffer negative consequences of this, for me it’s only ever been good. Long, sustained energy and I don’t notice any backfiring effects.

White bread/white pasta/white rice: Hate ’em. Clog me up, make me feel foggy and make me crash into a food coma. I eat very little of these things by choice, but they can’t be completely avoided, especially not if my BFF is making the most delicious Italian pasta, in which I’ll be very happy to eat them just because the entire dish is so good.

Nuts: I don’t eat too much because they really fill me up. They don’t do anything weird. Favorites are almonds, walnuts and macadamia’s!

Superfoods: Raw cacao, carob, maca, chia seeds and hemp seeds are the superfoods currently favorite in my diet. I notice tons of difference when I eat them. Raw cacao boosts my mood, carob too (but less), maca works out any hormone trouble and is great for my skin, chia and hemp seeds fill me up. I definitely notice a boost if I’m smart enough to eat them daily.

Sugary treats: As long as I don’t eat four brownies in one sitting, I’m good. I can really savor and enjoy indulgent little snacks and they’re part of my balance. When the rest of my diet is healthy, my body seems to be okay with them.

Coffee: I love that strong, bitter taste combined with a splash of milk, so it’s one of the things I enjoy. Under the two cups, that is. Anything under two cups and I can deal with the adrenalin coffee works with. Anything over two cups and I become jittery, anxious and ready to punch people in the face for no reason. When I’ve had five, I have a pounding heart, get a cafffeinne headache and can’t sleep.

Water&Tea: Makes me pee like it runs straight through me, but it’s nice, flushing out toxins and what not. I like green tea but it can’t be too strong because that makes me nauseous.

Fizzy drinks: I really love sparkling water, but don’t drink it very often: only when I’m out to dinner or at a club. I drink a glass of Coca Cola once every month or so, but it makes my digestive system go weird, they upset my stomach a little.

Meat: Have been a vegetarian for three years now. With a few minor slip-ups, some accidental and one on purpose, I can say that I feel better without meat. I hardly ever stomach cramps anymore, I get less stressed. I do have some cravings here and there, but they pass and I live.

Fish: No problems here. I eat fish 1-3 times a week and don’t really notice any effects.

Dairy:  I’m not completely against them, but I don’t do a lot of dairy. Sometimes I go days without touching milk, cheese or yogurt. I do know that when I drink too much milk or eat a lot of cheese, I feel…weird. I can’t really explain it, it might have to do with the naturally occuring opiods in dairy products, but they make me a little sloshy when consumed too much.

Alcohol: Fucks up my intestines as soon as three glasses, my body is very sensitive to alcohol. I get giggly and very tired. I love the taste of wine and wodka lime, but drink maybe once a week or every two weeks.

You gotta take into account your emotional relationship with the foods you’re eating. You have negative and positive associations with certain foods and that is going to affect how it goes down into your body. Things you label ‘healthy’ will be more easy to digest, just because your mind is okay with it: this affects how your body will deal with it. That’s why the thing you label ‘unhealthy’ would be much better off labeled as ‘occasional’ or the even more positive ‘treat’ or ‘indulgence’. Try to think as positive as you can about any food you eat and you’ll be sure to notice a positive effect.
On that note, I deserve a brownie. Later, dudes!

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