The Best YouTubers To Watch: My Favorites.

I love love love the YouTube community.

It is one of my favorite new media platforms. I don’t watch any Dutch ones but I really love the community of the American YouTubers. They’re versatile, funny and they really entertain. They put a lot of effort into their videos and I love watching some of them.

There are a couple that have a very special place in my fangirl heart, and I want to share them with you today. Are you in need of some new people to watch and swoon over? Here ya go. The best YouTubers to watch, according to me, just for you.


SUPERFRUIT: Two members of Pentatonix, insanely talented vocally and a very funny duo to watch on YouTube. Their musical segments are my favourites (Covers of Happy Little Pill, but they are also very funny when they sit in front of the camera, do a challenge and share their Weekly Obsessions and Songs of the Week. Worth the watch.

(Also, they’re also Beyonce superfans so I relate to them on a very spiritual level I’m sure you understand)

daily-grace-helbig-600x369-2(Photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson)

GRACE HELBIG: Grace never stood out to me, but after seeing her collab with other people I loved, I was like “Huh, let’s check out this person”

I don’t love everything she does, but I do love her.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Grace is the quiet, understated, graceful but awkward YouTuber to a lot of loud and brassy other YouTubers.

She’s like vanilla, but a really good, high quality type of vanilla. I like her YouTube channel and her Podcast ‘Not Too Deep’ where -you guessed it- she asks superficial but funny questions to YouTubers.

Also, she has a book (good, will review) and a TV show (good I think, but first clip has Mamrie Hart in it so I’m biased)

HANNAH HART: Oh Hannah. You embody every confusing thought and feeling I have ever had about cute, edgy girls. Mostly, I don’t know if I want to be you or be on you. Ahem. Anyway.

What Hannah Hart does is what a lot of us are doing: She gets drunk and cooks things. However, she does it in a funny way in front of a camera, and that is how My Drunk Kitchen became a YouTube phenomenon.

I don’t watch every week, but occasionally I watch a few. Hannah does great MyDrunkKitchen episodes, but I also love TuneTuesdays. What I love MOST? Her collabs with Jamie Oliver.


SUPERWOMAN: I wrote a separate article about her once, because I LOVE EVERYTHING about her. Her sense of humor, her inspirational videos and her music (#LEH, the Clean Up Anthem, Vine vs YouTube) and let’s be serious, easy on the eyes too, this one. Total beauty.

She seems like a nice, good person who can laugh at herself and works hard. I dig it. I also think she creates very original contact where she gets a bunch of YouTubers together to do something new. I like that.


MAMRIE HART: Oh, Mames. A woman after my own heart before I even knew my own heart. I first was introduced to her in a Tyler Oakley video and I was like “My God, you’re obnoxious, yet I’m totally falling in love with you. How is this happening.”

Mamrie is crass, yet so so funny. Her comedic delivery is amazing, and she thinks so quickly on her feet that she can turn everything into a great joke. It is amazing to watch. I HATE fart and poop jokes (so not classy) but she can make me laugh with everything she does.

Her show You Deserve A Drink is my life. And any collab she does I LOVE. Every YouTuber ever should collab with Mamrie.


THE HOLY TRINITY OF YOUTUBE: Oh hey, look it’s the three women I talked about before but now, TOGETHER. Whenever they make videos with the 3 of them? It is PURE MAGIC. I think it’s the life elixir of YouTube. Love. It. Here’s why they’re my favorite when they’re together.

I could show you ALL their videos, but tried to narrow it down to my absolute favourites. Also, watch their movie Camp Takota.


MARKIPLIER: Unexpected first spot for a YouTuber from a completely different genre. I only started watching him a couple of months ago, but I love him.

Mark is this super funny, very sweet dude who plays video games on YouTube for a living; he’s a YouTube gamer. I don’t remember how or why, but I started watching his Let’s Plays and loved him from the get-go. I think it’s entertaining to watch people play videogames (I am completely inapt) but Mark makes it extra fun to watch. I think he’s hysterical, especially when he gets frustrated.

He does short Let’s Plays, long Let’s Play series, funny challenges and shorts in between and sometimes these really sweet genuine moments where he shares something about himself, talks about important issues or speak out to his fans about how much they mean to him.

Because it’s easier to just click through to these on YouTube, my favorite videos of him are the long Let’s Play of the Alien Isolation game, his Octodad Let’s Play and Don’t Starve (a game I love myself).

Not to be all ‘let’s be engaging because that’s good for your blahg!!1!!!’ but who are your favorite YouTubers? I’m genuinely curious who you guys are watching. Let me know so I can find new people to fangirl over.

Ok bye.

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  1. Gosh, it’s like you’ve read my youtubefeed and copy-pasted it into this post, love every single one of the youtubers you are mentioning here. Favorites of mine you didn’t mention: Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakely (both for obvious reasons) Jim Chapman (cute, tall and British, do I need to say more?), Alli (overall cool chick), Bunny aka grav3yardgirl (way too annoying, but oh so funny) Helen Anderson (tattooed British girl with purple hair and an amazing fashion sense, says fuck a lot) and Kingsley (overall king of youtube).

  2. so i was watching youtubers cause i don’t usually watch youtubers and i thought i should check that shit out (okay i’ve watched some, obviously, but not like. religiously) and thenn i remembered you’d made a post about your favourites so here i am. i have a lot of thoughts and i thought i was interested in this and then i started watching and thought i wasn’t interested in this and then i realised i am very much interested in this, partly based on how much i am thinking about this. okay excuse this i’ll go back to watching and wishing i had a nice strong drink.