That One Positive Action.

I had been having a rough week of sorts. I had a busy week at work and wasn’t sleeping well. Bad sleeping results in lots of coffee in my case, which I accompanied by shitty eating habits this week. Cue the self-loathing because of all that: I know exactly how I should take care of myself and I wasn’t doing it! What the hell is wrong with me?! Then as a cherry on top, you add to that I hadn’t practiced yoga in two weeks because of my tattoo that needed rest and healing, and you have yourself a craptastic week and a craptastic Self Help Hipster.

This morning, when I woke up at 05:40, intending to go to the 06:30 yoga class, I still wasn’t feeling so hot. While I turned on the snooze-button and leaned back in the pillows, I debated on whether or not I should go which was basically a list of excuses not to go. It was too early, the bed was so nice and warm, I could always go later: the list goes on. But then I had one winning thought: I’m awake. In 10 minutes I can be out the door and finally do something good this week. 

So I got up, grabbed my stuff and went to yoga. The class was lovely and what’s more, it started a positive pro-active approach that I kept feeling throughout the entire day. When I came home, I made a liter of green juice and a superfood smoothie. I went to visit my parents and had lunch with them. I then did a bunch of laundry (strangely satisfying), then decided to do some groceries. I went to this great local organic supermarket where they have all these interesting healthy foods: I came home with a bunch of different sprouts, spinach, seaweed, raw chocolate and almond milk.

I made this healthy&quick avocado pasta for dinner and then spent the rest of the night nibbling on raw chocolate and drinking light lemon tea while writing and watching old episodes of the O.C.  Candles burning, under a blanket, all very comfy. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sound asleep when boyfriend comes back from having drinks with his friends.

And what’s more, I feel so much better now. Because today I was doing all the things to take good care of myself and that made me feel good again. It’s just by doing that one right thing in the morning I was instantly triggered to do the rest of the things right too.

So basically I learnt two lessons here.

One, I need to take excellent care of myself to feel good (I guess I’ve became a little high maintenance along the way). Nobody else is going to do it for me, not to my own standards. I mean, my boyfriend’s adorable and he makes me green smoothies and healthy big salads every once in a while, but he doesn’t trust the juicer or the sprout-packages in the fridge.

And two, one positive action can be all you need. It sets into motion a wave of other positive actions. This can completely turn your mood, your day and hopefully the rest of your week around. It always pays to make one positive action. Or you know…maybe even two. Once you start, it’s easy to keep going.

Hope you have a positive-action filled weekend. Kisses.


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  1. ” One positive action can be all you need. It sets into motion a wave of other positive actions. ”

    Yes! So true. It’s really good to start your day with some healthy food, meditation and dressing up a little bit, sets the standard for the entire day.

  2. her-ken-baar.

    ik merkte het zondag. ik voelde me niet lekker in m’n vel, werd niet goed wakker, was chagerijnig. ben gaan hardlopen, daarna naar de bioscoop geweeest en alsnog een hele leuke avond gehad <3