TedxDelft: Never Grow Up! #1

I’m very excited to announce I’ll be blogging about TedxDelft! I love TedTalks, I love hearing people talk about the things that make them come alive and let’s be serious ‘Never Grow Up’ has an awesome ring to it. I can get down with that.

For now, the bloggers are introducing the speakers and I had the honors of writing the introduction to Ionica Smeets, who I find a very cool lady. You can read the entire article hereย and don’t forget to check out the other speakers on the TedxDelft Website!

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  1. Awesome! I was blog hopping and when I saw Delft I realised you are from the Netherlands as well. A while back I helped organizing a simulcast for TED brainport (Eindhoven) at our faculty. Anyway, cool!

    1. I AM – I just pose as someone NOT from the Netherlands! ๐Ÿ˜‰ How fun you worked on TED, are you going to do it again?