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Some of my creative planning is done pretty much because I enjoy it. And okay fine: Because I finished all my favorite TV shows and I have browsed ALL of the Internet. Twice.

I don’t need to make vision boards, or write elaborate plans or do goal setting exercises. I just like doing it.

But to do listing?

That shit is pure necessity for me.

It’s how my scatterbrain survives crazy times. And crazy times are to be had in this day and age.

I found a great to do list pad. Go see.


I was rummaging through the last of my moving boxes to find my Team Confetti planner that I either lost in the move or left in the house I burnt down to the ground while laughing maniacally about vengeance.*

Haven’t been able to find it (yet! I remain hopeful!) but the process of trying to find that pretty blue planner triggered a mental image of something I’d read about online: the Team Confetti To Do List notepad.

Naturally I abandoned my search (see intro for info on my scatterbrain), wandered onto the world wide Web and ordered it. From HipGemaakt, the only store that carries the TC to do list pad.

Hip Gemaakt is a pretty cool store with notebooks and planners, stickers, and all these DIY thingamabobs. The latter is zero procent my scene, but notebooks and productivity tools? OH YES.

I want to show you the notepad real quick.



Nice, right? Isn’t the font just so you cute you want to adopt it, dress it in teeny tiny outfits and takes pictures of it?

What I love about it most is the wide range of aspects you can have to deal with during a day.

It includes who you’re gonna see, who you’re gonna call, what is the most important priority of the day, what you can be grateful for. It even includes the household chores you may still have to do.

I also think the future plans, doodle and random things are a nice touch; leaves some room for creativity, brainstorming and improvisation.




For me personally, the pad won’t work on regular week days.

When I’m at my normal day, desk-job, at work, everything I have to note down does not fit on or in these boxes.

Plus, I get distracted from all the cute boxes like the ‘Drink!’ and ‘Eat!’ ones.

So for work I recently acquired something else that’s helpful. I’ll show you another time.

But for my days off, when I still need to get things done in some aspects of my life, this notepad is PERFECT. And fun to use.

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Basically what I am trying to say is that if you’re looking for a fun and functional to do list pad, the Team Confetti to do list pad is a good move. It’s only 4,95 euros and has 50 (!) sheets. If you want it, click here.

Please note: I have not been asked, sponsored or in any way compensated for this article. When I say I was looking for my planner, then went online and bought it, I am not just telling you some cutesy story to dress up an ad. This is how my brain and life work, and I just fucking love Team Confetti stuff and to do lists.

*No houses or exes were harmed in the making of this joke. 

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