Sunday’s Gratitude List/Diary Post

She might be the cutest thing of all time

Good morning! I wanted to touch base and reiterate for myself all the things I am grateful for in this moment and I’d like to share this list with you.

He might be the cutest thing of all time


I had so much fun in the Alpes with Vin, my friends and my snowboard. I’ll never be a talent but I did a refresher course and got a private instructor on the slopes this time and both those things did really help.

Plus, it was so nice to relax and recharge with a group of people I really enjoy being around.

I read 3 books, slept a lot, had great discussions and played fun games (I love Unstable Unicorns & Secret Hitler) and spend a lot of time with Vincent. It was lovely and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get away for a week.

Plus, Loge10 catered our apartment and it was the best thing ever. Marije is a gem and comes highly recommended by me. She made Schmore Dessert & a cheesecake I will forever love her for.

Lindsay & me

Our trip to London to see Katya

Lindsay and I flew to London this week to see Katya’s Help Me I’m Dying Show and even though I was deeply uncomfortable during some parts of Katya’s show (her humor is so bizarre at times I just can’t be arsed to follow it) I absolutely loved London and the experience of seeing Katya live and getting to meet her briefly! She’s absolutely adorable and really pleasant.

In London we also went to the National Gallery, the Breakfast Club and Smiths for dinner. It was lovely and I do really enjoy London.

I’m very thankful I got to go on this trip with one of my oldest friends and spent a few days surrounded by Brits.

HAEVN with my cousin

I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit much this week: two and a half days in London, my regular nine-to-five and then a concert on Friday night.

But I absolutely love HAEVN, I think their music is so pretty. I took my cousin to this concert Friday night for her birthday. The guys from HAEVN are so incredibly musically gifted and it was a pleasure to listen to them.

I bought their super secret album Symphonic Tales that is not going to be on iTunes and Spotify for a while. It has 6 tracks with a 50-head orchestra; they wanted to do the exact opposite of a remix and this is what they came up with.

Saturdays with Vin

As you might have imagined, and as I’ve touched upon this in my Dutch Medium post from a few weeks back, after a week with a citytrip, work and a concert I was TIRED TO THE BONE.

So Vin made me blueberry pancakes, spent the day napping and chilling in our bed with me and the cats, and then uncorked a bottle of Fat Baron Shiraz, a new favourite of ours.

As I’m writing this he is in the kitchen grilling me burgers because he is the most perceptive, kind and considerate person I’ve ever been with. I am so grateful for him and I feel so much better now, after a day of chilling at home with nobody and nothing around me except Vin.

Miscellaneous Things I’m Grateful For

  • Great conversations with Vin on the couch that we pause our favourite TV show for
  • Parks & Rec
  • Susannah, for wine, great outfit recommendations and tons of other womance things
  • The book The Luminous Dead. SO. SCARY. Go read it and talk to me about it!
  • Our two fluffy babies who always flutter around us like they were always going to go that way and it’s JUST coincidence that we humans happen to be in the way.
  • My Kindle Library, which is a smorgasbord of self-help books, young/new adult and fantasy.
  • Lazy weekends, in which I only do yin yoga, play the Sims 4 for hours and hours and drink wine with my dinner.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • I’m going to have lunch at 212 with Vin, Susannah and Michel for my birthday! I’m super-excited, 212 was the best restaurant I visited last year
  • After superbusy months I put my Passion Planner on LOCKDOWN and I’m going to do pretty much as little as possible for as long as possible.
  • But first, I still am going to visit my family somewhere this weekend and this week, my family-in-law and go to DGTL over Easther Weekend.
  • On Kingsday, aka the day I Don’t Want To Go Anywhere Because I Hate It, Roch is coming over for wine and chilling.
  • Then I have a week off, because life in education has its perks.

Alright guys, think on what you’re grateful for and what you’re looking forward to – it is bound to cheer you up and gets you excited.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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