Sunday Morning Gratitude.

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I’m not going to do the whole gratitude thing weekly or whatever,  BUT. I am very thankful, most of the time. And when I’m maybe not so much, I do find that it helps me to think about it, focus on those things and write about them.

And I had a really rough day Friday. So suck it up. Another gratitude blog.


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LIN Lin and I had a great dinner at Tosca on Thursday. The duck with blood orange gravy was spectacular. Then, lucky me, I saw her again on Friday for wine-infused conversations five hours straight.

I love that I can just flop down on the couch with her and we’ll end up talking about everything, from deep dark shit to cooking lobster. Love figuring out where and how to drink have fun next. On the short term to-do list: Gin and tonics at Ballroom.

Oh, I really love running with her. It’s one of my favorite things of late.


VIENNA Remember Maartje from the Yoga Festival?

I emailed her a few weeks ago with “Yo, my life is weird right now and I would love to get away and hang with you is that offer still on the table”

She invited me to come stay with her straight away. I’m super excited to see her again, as well as the city of Vienna. I emailed the Bikram Yoga Loft in Vienna and I get to try a class free of charge to check out their studio. Very excited – it looks gorgeous on the pictures.

Other than yoga it’s going to be wandering around, drinking coffee and taking pictures. I’m looking forward to it.

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MY KITCHEN The kitchen of this house is a freaking joy to be in. I never spend any time in the living room, I’m always downstairs in the kitchen. I’m either hanging out on the tiny little couch, sitting at the kitchen table working or…cooking.

I haven’t ordered any take out since I lived here (but Lord knows that will change when I’m revising and editing my next ebook) because I enjoy cooking too much. I have friends over all the time to try out Veg!-recipes on. The recipes are beyond excellent, and because of it I’ve basically converted back to vegetarianism for 90%.

The other 10% is bacon dressing and dinner dates.


MY SHIT I got my typewriter from my old house! Sure, no more room on the kitchen table for anything but a (small) coffee cup, but I don’t care. I love that fucking brontosaurus of a thing.

I also brought my favourite books back to my new place. It’s like getting all your smart and funny children back. (The fact I threw away half of my book collection doesn’t really fit the baby-metaphor.)


  • My Adidas sweater. And all the other sweaters that make me feel all warm and adorable.
  • The fact I have a Beyonce Shop order coming in. Another sweater to look forward to (What? Don’t judge me. I hate being cold.) and BEYONCE APPAREL. Upon this order I realized that with as much as I think and talk about Beyonce, I can be classified as a super fan. Oh well.
  • GetBullish articles. Someone asked me where I find articles that inspire me. Well, Get Bullish is a big one right now. I like it because it’s very focused and gutsy, with a very feminist vibe in all the things.
  • A lemon-lime Firefly drink after a strenuous yoga class.
  • My extremely cute baby niece (twice removed) – and that when I hold her none of my family members do that awful thing where they go “LOOKS GOOD ON YOU HAR HAR”
  • Niykee Heaton. Obsessed with her Soundcloud. Favorite songs are Sober and Champagne.And if I really want to torture myself it’s Bad Intentions. That song makes me want to climb up the walls with sexual frustration.
  • Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time. WHY did no-one think to tell me that existed?!
  • This blog by Des. The Kim Jong Un comparison made me laugh so hard I shared her article with three coworkers. And my mom.
  • Being able to crawl into bed with a book and staying there until I’ve either read a bunch, napped or both.


And there you have it. I feel tons better now.

Today is for yoga, coffee with a friend and checking out another friend’s capoeira session. Have a great Sunday, talk to you later.

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  1. zo veel fijns! altijd goed om daar even bij stil te staan. 🙂 ik moet ‘veg’ maar eens heel snel van mijn moeder lenen, dat boek lijkt me geweldig! fijne zondag!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. Vienna is a great city to go to. It’s so big and beautiful. So many things to see, so many things to do… I have been there 2 times and I always try to convince people to stay there. In some kind of way they think Vienna is for 70-year olds. Really, it’s not.

  3. It’s wonderful to read all the things you are grateful for! Cool that you are going to the Bikram Yoga Loft in Vienna, I can imagine that’s very exciting! That typewriter looks awesome. 😀 Enjoy the rest of your sunday!

  4. All. the. food. Na mijn tentamens moet ik ook maar eens een gratitude list maken. Op dit moment zit mijn hoofd te vol met Rawls’ difference principle en equality of resources en andere stomme politieke theorie dingen.