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When I first found out about Studyspo, I had only one thing to say: Move over, Fitspo.

At least enough so Studyspo can scoot in right next to you. From what I’ve seen smart girls want to be fit and productive, so move that disciplined, toned butt and make room for your baby sister.

FITSPO Because young cool people like to string words together and abbreviate, Fitness + Inspiration turned into the word Fitspo.

Fitspo is basically all images that inspire you to work out. All the words and pictures that motivate you to stick to your exercise regimen and your heathy breakfast routines. They can go from sexy fit girls to quotes about running, but the collective purpose of all this material? To make you happy about getting or being fit, doing your squats and eating your veggies.

Fitspo is a movement to be reckoned. Websites like Fit Girl Code and Girls Love 2 Run are great examples of big collections of fitspo material (in written word and pictures).

But next to the well-known fitspo trend, there is also such a thing as studyspo. 

And…I love it.

I think everyone should know about it.

Click on for a more info, and my recommendations for the best studyspo online.


STUDYSPO Studyspo is similar to fitspo, but catered to studying! All quotes, articles, pictures and playlists intended to inspire and motivate you, in terms of productivity and time management, for happy and successful studying.

Typical pictures include laptops and meticulously taken study notes, coffee cups and study books the size of the Holy Bible,  pens and sticky notes and Moleskines. I LOVE looking at all of that. It inspires me so much to be productive myself: I get a huge kick out of other people’s motivation and enthusiasm for their study or work.

There are also ALL kinds of quotes about motivation, discipline and time management, great articles on productivity techniques, and all sorts of apps and playlists that help you focus and get in the zone.

I wanted to share some of my favorite studyspo stuff with you.

Not in university? Not studying for a degree? Not to worry, you can also use the studyspo for work, for the language you want to learn and for anything else you want to be productive for and successful in. After all, the alternate name for studyspo is success-spo (not as catchy).


PLAYLISTS 8tracks is a goldmine of great playlists that are perfect for studying. I vibe really well on Study + Classical, Techno, Movie Soundtracks (Harry Potter music is goosebumps always) or Indie.

Also, this Teen Wolf playlist, but that’s mainly because the episode was epic.

STUDYSPO APPS I really only recommend the 30/30 timer or the Pomodoro Timer right now. I occasionally use the iCal calendar, but other that I do everything on paper. From to do lists to article outlines to work proposal drafts, all of it. Paper works for me.


Time management: Eat that Frog, the Pomodoro Technique, the Time Paradox

For the ambitious girls: Fire Starter Sessions, Girl Boss, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.

For everyone: Goals, Self Development for Smart People.



Team confetti’s planner for 2015! I was one of the lucky ones to receive Team Confetti’s original weekly planner for 2015, and I love it. I really dig their designs and they really tailored their planner to have everything that’s useful, from a Gratitude-text box to a bookmark to an appointment sheet. Read the article about it here and BUY HERE!

Speaking of Team Confetti, their free printable Let’s Get Things Done Today to do list is AMAZING. (Their packing list printable is brilliant as well, but I digress)

How to do well in school (short and sweet)

How Neil Gaiman stays creative in an age of constant distraction (first half only, for all online content creators)

How to make a better to do list

How to create the ULTIMATE to do list (by some weirdo)

How to get SHIT DONE 

5 Brilliant Mantras to motivate you (again by some weirdo)

shh tumblr

TUMBLRS My favorite studyspo Tumblr are dreamingaboutuni,  studysexcoffee, studentinthemaking and  fystudying.

MY OWN TUMBLR On the The Self Help Hipster tumblr I will be posting  reblogging all things from Tumblr that I think you guys will be interested in as well — as some original content that I think is too short for the website.

So if you want to follow, you can click here.


So if you feel uninspired for work, school or your blog, just check out all this studyspo stuff. Hopefully you’ll get back to feeling energised in no time!

And if you don’t, go out for a quick run first and I’m sure that will do the trick.

See? Fitspo and studyspo go great together.

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  1. I laf this article. Especially with my huge to-do lists that is still huge although I have been able to cross off about 2/3 of my assignments. (You saw it on insta, so you know what I mean). I already knew that tumblr was full of good stuff about studying, but I had no idea we could actually call that studyspo, haha. I also love this article about motivation, maybe you can want to include it in the list?

    Speaking of all this, time to get my not so toned butt moving towards some deadlines. Thanks for the great start of my day, Lianne! (I wanted to do some fangirling on twitter but you don’t follow me, so sorry if this reply is unproportionally long).

  2. Jaa, heel fijn! Ik kick ook altijd op mooi beschreven Moleskine boekjes en to-do lists, toch wel wat meer dan op foto’s met meisjes met die ‘gap’ tussen hun benen. Ik ga nu al die artikelen lezen voordat ik naar college ga. 😀

  3. This is awesome. Although now I am re-re-reading this blogpost over and over instead of studying/getting work done. But thanks, there is a lot of helpful and inspiring stuff here!

  4. I love it! Alleen oppassen dat je niet uren naar plaatjes van mooie aantekeningen in 20 kleuren zit te kijken, maar ook daadwerkelijk zelf iets gaat doen 😉