SHH Workshop: 5th of April!


 (You ever look at a picture of yourself for too long and eventually became so confused on the issue of whether or not you look normal that you at one point just rolled your eyes, said ‘fuck it’ and went to the kitchen for a glass of wine? No? Okay, me neither.)

Hi guys!

I’m doing another one of those Self Help Hipster Workshop things on Saturday April 5th.

What happens in these workshops is you sit at my dining room table while I talk/you ask me questions, we do a couple of exercises if you want and we hang out. It’s always very fun and inspiring for me to do, and the people before you have liked it as well. Some attendees even come a second time!

This is the deal, (almost) the same as the previous ones:

  • I learnt from previous workshops full capacity (12) is a bit much, so I want to do this workshop with 8-9 people.
  • In reality this means I will only be able to admit 5-6 more people, because the first 3 (!) places have already been booked. You should move quickly!
  • 13:00 until 16:00 (but if we end up going a little longer it’s totally okay.)
  • It’s going to be at my own place in Rotterdam. At my dining room table. Please don’t be a psychopath who wants to make me into an overcoat.
  • Fee: 25 euros.

You get:

  • An afternoon of fun and inspiration with a bunch of cool people. And me. I’m also there.
  • A talk on the entire Law of Attraction e-book (plus the actual e-book)
  • A talk on my NEW e-book Habit & Habit Change (plus the actual e-book)
  • I will also be talking a bit more about my experiences with yoga: not the actual moves but the lessons I have learnt from it.
  • 3 hours of unlimited access to the unholy amount of self help that is stored in my brain.** Ask me anything.

I would love for you to come over and listen to me go on and on for hours until my voice gives out. I’ll serve you green juice (or coffee) and raw cacao (or cookies) and be totally pleasant, promise. I love meeting you guys and I always have so much fun with these workshops.

If this sounds like something you would like to attend, just send me an email at info[a] to sign up. It’d be my honor. Ok bye!

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  1. Ahhh I would so totally love to come, but unfortunately I won’t be in Holland at the 5th of April, shitt 🙁
    Hope it becomes a great afternoon though!

  2. Komen er deze zomer nog meer workshops? Ik zou heeeeeel graag komen maar zit dan (en nu, en tijdens de vorige SHH Workshops) op 800 km van Rotterdam en dat is toch iets overdreven voor drie uur. 🙂
    Doe je die in het Nederlands of Engels trouwens?

    1. Booo ik ook! Normaal elk weekend in Rotterdam te vinden (en zelfs al was ik dat niet, leve mijn ns abbo) Maar t weekend van 5 april zit ik in Groningen! Ook leuk, daar niet van 😛

      Keep us updated over evt nieuwe workshops 😀 I’d love to participate!

    2. Hi Hannelore, ik doe ze tot nu toe in het Nederlands maar als we een Engelse workshopgangert hebben dan wordt het voornamelijk Engels met een vleugje Nederlands. Uiteraard wordt iedereen daar van op de hoogte gesteld dan! Ik doe er nog eentje begin juni waarschijnlijk!