September 1st: Use it As A New Beginning

One of the perks of working in education is that you get to start fresh twice a year.

I love new beginnings and starting fresh. Always have. Sure, technically and theoretically you can start fresh at any point in time. But the mind doesn’t do much with technically and theoretically, the mind wants perceived order, goes on how something feels and likes symbolism.

If we think of starting fresh, doing something different, it can really help to find a point in time that we can assign meaning to.

January first, the start of a new week on a Monday. Our birthdays. Summer solstice (longest day), winter solstice (longest night)…and september first.

The start of a new school year is another one of those moments for me. At the end of August I get reflective and excited, thinking on how I spent my previous year and planning ahead on how I want to spend the next.

For today, all I want to ask you: If today is a new beginning, what would you take with you and what would you leave behind?

What will you use this new beginning for?

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  1. Oh, ik ben ook echt zo Li. Ik doe gewoon wel aan goede voornemens, ja ik weet dat je elke dag in het jaar kan beginnen, maar op 31 december kijk ik altijd terug, hoe was mijn jaar, wat kon beter, wat was fijn, en zo ga ik ook 1 januari in.

    Antwoord op jouw vraag: ik laat achter: vriendschappen, mensen in mijn leven waar ik kritisch naar wil kijken en me ga (moet) vragen: pas je nog bij mij? Wat ik mee wil nemen is vooral heel veel creativiteit

  2. Today (September 2nd) is the first day of my new job, and the perfection of this timing is magical to me.
    Also, yesterday I’ve deleted the IG and FB apps off my phone for a month, to see how I enjoy a life without mindless scrolling.
    I’ve put the Spotify app in the spot where my IG icon used to be and it is embarassing how often I’ve mindlessly opened the Spotify app today… So far so good, I’d say 😉

    1. I love this! <3 I hope you get something out of it. What helped for me (one of the spineless, I guess, when it comes to social media) was literally giving my accounts to someone else for 3 months. :') But this sounds great!