Self Help Hipster Podcast S01E06: Spark Joy!

Back again with a new episode, the Self Help Hipster Podcast!

This episode?

Spark Joy – Because One Book About Tidying Wasn’t Enough.


  • Floating! You can do it in The Hague and Amsterdam. I hate it so much I’m doing it again this week.
  • We received the book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo, the sequel to the Magic of Tidying Up. You can get it here* for 18,99 and here* for 13,55. is faster, Book Depository is quicker.
  • Work by Rihanna & Drake
  • Andrew’s snapchat ‘worklifestudio’ is and mine is ‘selfhelphipster’

Thanks for being a listener, love you guys. You can subscribe or review on iTunes.  Bye.

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  1. I discovered your podcasts last week. They are great! One is just enough to fill the whole trip to work, nice! Thanks a lot.