Self Help Hipster Does Hell Week: Day Six.

Day 6

I wake up at 05:00, look at my alarm and just turn around. It’s Saturday and I cannot be bothered. My alarm can go fuck itself today. Better luck tomorrow.

Today is one of the days of Hell Week to take for contemplation and relaxation, and thinking about Hell Week and its different themes, tasks and rules. So today is not so much a today diary (although I did go to yoga, eat healthy and was focused) but more of a general contemplation thing.

POSITIVE THINKING Saturday’s theme was about being positive, about yourself and your life. Although it is also one of the Hell Week rules (“Be happy, positive and solution-minded”), today is all about celebrating your own awesomeness.

…That, dear reader, is not my forte (anymore), so this was one of the more challenging things about this week. I had to make a list of all the things I was good at, what makes me a good person and what I was proud of. This was more confrontational than I expected.

But I dragged some things out of myself. And that did make me feel better. I also found that reflecting on the things I did in Hell Week made it easier for me to think positive things about myself.

The thing I did may not be a huge deal or truly hellish, but they were things I did not think I would be able to do. Not being on social media so much? Exercising every day? Not sleeping a whole night? Surviving a whole day on only 2,5 stolen hours of sleep in the morning?

I hadn’t done those things in a while, if ever. Doing them did make me feel proud. It gave me some extra confidence.  As I wrote in my GirlsLove2Run article last week, I’ve been having a tough time in terms of self esteem. These type of things really help.

Plus, I’m actually a super nice person with an awesome sense of humor (the book made me do it).

PLANNING Wednesday’s actual theme was Planning, and I combined that with today’s positivity crap theme.

I already plan, and Lord knows I am drowning in to-do lists, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use some freshening up.

I put a EVERYTHING to do list, a plan for the upcoming year and the upcoming month(s) in my Bullet Journal. It helped me to create a foundation, lay down the basics.

SUNDAY Tomorrow is for reflection and gratitude. I will write about that, and how and why you should do a Hell Week if these blogs have sparked your interest.

Later dudes.

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