The Year Ahead: Year Compass


Up in the 12 Days of (Weird) Self Help: A (free!) PDF called YearCompass (the Year Ahead). To help you get your 2016 in a row and prep for 2017.

I found it in the BulletJournal Facebook group (where I never post because people get in fights all the time) and I think you guys will like it too.

Out with the old and in with the new, but not without a healthy dose of introspection and contemplation.




This 20-page booklet was designed to help you “close 2016” and “plan 2017”. It contains all sorts of interesting questions and things to think about in terms of life events, goals and intentions for the new year

It’s originally from Hungary: A group of friends wanted to spend their NYE together in a fun but inspiring way, and that’s how the YearCompass came about (isn’t that just the most awesome idea?!)

It went viral in 2013, their team translated it in a few different languages after. The 2015 version was downloaded 200.000 (!) times!

This booklet is available to download for free right here, and in different sizes/formats too! It’s best suited for printing it out and then filling it out. I didn’t have a printer, so I used the exercises as a guideline and wrote down the answers in my bulletjournal.



I was instantly enamoured by the minimalistic style of the YearCompass booklet and I used many of the included questions and exercises, writing them down in my own bullet journal.

I focused not so much on planning 2017 (I’m gonna do that later), but more on putting the pieces of 2016 together in a loving way that helps me grow.

It was oddly relaxing. I’m not going to share it all, but these two pages are a good example of why this YearCompass book is worth the download.



2016 in Three Words:  Release. Growth. Going deep.

2016 as a Book: “How the Dark Night of the Soul let the Light in.”

Farewell to 2016: “Dear 2016, thank you for everything. No, really. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even with everything that happened, I am so deeply grateful. For the pain, the lessons, the decisions, where I’ve been and where I’m going, all of it. Is it horrible to say you might have been my best year yet? Is it weird to say that in retrospect, I love you more than any year where things were fine?”


This YearCompass is short ‘n sweet, cute questions and journaling assignments to look back and look forward.

There’s no harm in downloading the PDF and seeing for yourself. Let me know what you think!

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