Self Help Hipster Podcast S01E08 – Do Less, Get More!

Hello darlings!

It’s Andrew and me, talking about Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce “Do less, get more” by Shaa Wasmund and Beyonce!

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  • The book is translated well, I thought, so special shout-out to Marijke van der Horst & Switch Translations: You did good!
  • Incredible Kimmy Schmidt, because it is the best.
  • Beyonce’s album and the Lemonade-movie are amazing, read my review here.

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  1. Aaah yesssss! Ik wilde eigenlijk het boek lezen vóórdat de podcast uitkwam, maar dat gaat me helaas niet lukken vrees ik (het boek ligt nog ongeopend in m’n nachtkastje), en ik kan echt niet zo lang wachten tot het luisteren van de podcast haha.

  2. I especially loved this podcast! I really needed the reminder that i’m doing the important things and not allll of the things. Good laughs too.

  3. Hi, I love your podcast! It’s fun, interesting and gets me motivated.
    Because you said that you liked him so much I think that you might want to check out Adam Drivers TED talk 😉 Looking forward to your next episode!