Self Help Hipster Podcast S04E1!

In these weird ass times, what’s better than doing all your day-to-day activities with a podcast? In the first new episode of the Self Help Hipster podcast, Andrew I discuss my book, a new self help book and lots of pop culture. Let’s go!


MY BOOK: I’m excited to tell you guys my second book drops LESS THAN A MONTH! I wrote a book about habit change in a normal and regular life just like yours. Theory, motivation, trials and tribulations: It’s all there. You can pre-order it here and I’d be stoked if you did. I’m super nervous about how it’s going to do and if you all are going to like it. ACK!

Andrew made absolutely amazing illustrations for my book, and I’m so excited for you to see ’em.

30 DAY CHALLENGES: I didn’t have a 30 day challenge, but Andrew did really well on tracking his income. The upcoming month Andrew is going to take one meditative breath, and I’m going to try and act on one whim a day and see where that takes me!

BONUS NOTE: In some capacity, Andrew mentions the Botnet Social Media app, in which you are an influencer in an AI digital world. It seems weird but fun.

THE BOOK OF THE MONTH: The One Thing by Gary Keller! We discuss this new book about honing in on the thing(s) that matter(s) and how this book made us feel, act, and change our ways. The physical book is 20 euros on, HOWEVER: The ebook is 99 cents! BUY IT! It’s good!


  • Sex Education. Guys. Guys. How fun is Sex Education? Especially season 2? The music, the outfits, the characters and story arcs? Stellar. (Also I can’t stop laughing, Andrew edited Lady Gagy’s ‘showstopping, amazing’-monologue into our raving about this TV show)
  • Harry Styles’ rendition of Juice. I mean, everyone knows it already but it is just so, so fun.
  • Miss Americana, the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix.
  • I loved Justin Bieber’s new album. It’s nice. Nothing mindblowing but good. But, the Yummy videos by the Goebel dance crews? Honestly, mesmerising. There’s an official one and a practice one. I might actually prefer the practice one because it’s just so visceral.
  • Paris Hilton’s Tomorrow Land DJ set. Andrew loves strong confident media-women.


  • San Pellegrino Lemonade! I drank A LOT through writing my book and Dry January.

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