The Self Help Hipster Podcast S03E01: You Do You by Sarah Knight

After a long wait and some technical difficulties, I’m happy to bring you the first episode of the third season of the Self Help Hipster podcast!


30 Day Challenge

Lianne: Working with gratitude has been my daily routine, but Drew and I will be doing a Fail Every Day challenge for the upcoming month!

Andrew: Wanted to track his mornings, but after our talk about the importance of failing and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable (as you are when making a mistake), he and I are doing the Fail Every Day challenge.


You Do You by Sarah Knight. You can find the hardcover here, the ebook here!*

We’re total Sarah Knight fans over here: I love the first book The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck* (I think it’s actually life changing!), Andrew loves the second, Getting Your Shit Together*. You can find the episode we did Sarah Knight’s two previous book here.

Sarah Knight’s first book is basically: Stop giving a fuck about unnecessary things. Her second book is: Do what you gotta do to live your best life. Her third book? Make sure your best life is YOUR best life.

*Affiliate links! 


Lianne: Black Panther! SUCH a great Marvel Movie! Check it out if you haven’t already and OMG the soundtrack. 

Andrew: New album by Cardi B

Both: The Journey, a podcast by KLM. If you like stories, this is worth a listen!

Both: New album by the Weeknd


Lianne: my Trixie Mattel sweater.

Andrew: DJ-ing & Virtual Reality, especially the game Super Hot VR. You can watch the trailer here, and buy it on Steam!


Next time, Do The Work by Stephen Pressfield.

A very significant book in our relationship and my FAVORITE sentence of all time is Do The Work.

And you guys. Literally less than 4 euros.* Get it.

See you next time!

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