Self Help Hipster Podcast S02E06: Radical Candor Kim Scott

Your favourite two self help podcast hosts are at it again, with a brand new episode!


  • Lianne: Being offline for 30 days (at least). That is right; I am back off the grid. I deleted Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and although I occasionally go back online on autopilot, I am trying to be a bit more offline and in the present. It’s really nice.


  • Andrew: Drawing for 30 days (and I will be sending him prompts, fun!)


  • Question: “How do I express what I want or what I feel?”

Answer: “There is nobody out there who will represent your wants and needs if you won’t. Everybody, however nice and considerate, ultimately wants what they want, so if you don’t lobby for your agenda nobody will. Yes, that can be uncomfortable and create tension with the people around you, especially if you don’t usually do that.

People will, however, start respecting it if they realise you’re showing up for yourself and owning your wants and emotions.”


Radical Candor – Kim Scott! You can buy the ebook here* at for 16 euros or at for 14.21$*



  • Rewatching The Office. We’re now nearing season 5 and I am so SICK of Michael Scott. He is truly the worst TV character of all time. Pam and Jim on the other hand? Best TV couple of all time.
  • I bought Parks & Rec on Amazon but it’s regis-restricted so now I have Parks & Rec coasters. FML.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race. and I MET TRIXIE MATTEL.

  •  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. GO WATCH SEASON 3.


  • All Stephen Colbert’s Trump commentary.
  • Master of None Season 2 (because it is in Italy and it is basically Andrew’s life!)


  • Andrew: Andrew’s van is coming along AND he is flying!! He is a Pilot in Training now, accepted into the program.

Next book!

I am SO excited about this, you guys. We’re going to be talking about money some more, AND we’re gonna review Jen Sincero’s SECOND BOOK…

You Are A Badass At Making Money! 

Available at, a physical copy for 15.99* OR the ebook version for 4.99*! I bought my Kindle ebook version for 6$*, I already started reading and it is SO good.

See you next episode!

*Affiliate links! My balance is 2.35$ so clearly our millionaire status is right around the corner.

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  1. Aaaaaah ik wil dat boek van Jen Sincero. Ben nu “you are a badass” aan het leven en ik ben heel erg onder de indruk van haar heerlijke nuchtere en directe schrijfstijl!