Self Help Hipster Does Hell Week: Day Five.

Hell week day 5

Well, that went better than anyone could have expected.

Because of that, my report of today is a little boring. Sorry!

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Day Two

Day Three + Hell Night

Day Four

OH MY GOD I SLEPT  7 HOURS AND IT WAS AWESOME. I get out of bed and go downstairs for tea. I have to say: It does not become more fun (hence my face), but it does become a little easier.

I clean out the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, and sort some paperwork. I figure out the secret to getting up this (INSANELY) early: First hour you need to do things that require very little brain activity. Things like exercising, cleaning, showering. Everything that requires thinking needs to wait until after after six.

When I’m able of coherent thought (and had some coffee), I open WordPress and finish yesterday’s blog post. Around 8:30 I go upstairs to get my stuff for yoga.



Yoga class goes well. Afterwards I gulp down almost a whole carton of coconut water.

Today’s Theme is all about rest and relaxation. This is mostly because normally Hell Night happened the night before, and on this day you will have to compensate with taking regular breaks, meditate and potentially nap. For me it’s food, shopping and more food today.

One useful thing I do manage to do: Get my iPhone screen fixed at the Apple Store in The Hague. I shattered my screen recently. Looking at that cracked screen was bumming me out so I went to the hysterically helpful Apple Geniuses to get it fixed.


For dinner I made a seaweed salad with salmon. I tucked in at 22:30. Little bit later than planned, but as the days are flying by I am getting a bit more flexible.

And that’s that for Friday.

What is interesting, is that I feel mostly positive about Hell Week at this point. That super corny quote about getting out of your comfort zone? Hell Week gets you out, and well slap my ass and call me Sally: interesting things do start to happen.

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  1. Fortunately your feeling better! I was wondering: what makes this week so ‘hell’ for you? I don’t want to underestimate it, but I don’t really see what’s the difference with other weeks, except the fact that you normally would probably sleep a few hours more in the morning.

    1. Hell Week is mostly just the title of the book and the experiment you do that week: The author based it on the initation/training weeks of military recruits, except a lot less hardcore of course. Even though I definitely wouldn’t say it’s real ‘hell’ (I have enough real world perspective for that, thank you), staying up all night on Wednesday, the early hours and all the other rules do make it for a huge out of my comfort zone week.

      Hope that explains it! If not, maybe reading one of the other Day-articles would help!