A Week in Italy: A Quick Impression


My boyfriend and his brother’s favorite past time while in Rome: Leaving me in the middle of a street and seeing how far along the wheelchair would continue to go straight in one line. (Answer: Not very long)

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a quick article about my week in Italy: I actually wrote little travel reports on my Tumblr for most of my vacation, so I will be linking you through to those and add where necessary.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!


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Day One, Rome: Early flights, awkward encounters with street artists, a lot of naps and me being super dramatic and overly emotional in the morning.

Day Two, Rome: I calmed the fuck down and had a really fun day. Prossecco, awkward flirting, gelato and visiting Colloseum.






Day Three and Four, Pompeii and Palermo: We drove our rental car to Pompeii, where I stayed in the hotel, and the next day we drove to Naples and flew to Palermo, in Sicily.







Day Five got lost in the great Hotel Wifi Frustration Of 2014, but basically:

  • Palermo is absolutely beautiful.
  • We looked at boats in a harbour.
  • We visited Cioccolateria Lorenzo for coffee and birthday cake.
  • The weather was amazing.
  • So was the food.


Day Six, Catania: About arriving in gorgeous hotel Baia Verde, that I wrote about here, having treat yo’self lunch, and drinking and dining with my mother in law and boyfriend.

DSC_0461 DSC_0404


Day Seven, Catania: 

  • Will goes to climb the Mount Etna like the badass he is.
  • Mother-in-law and I have massage appointments. We come out super relaxed.
  • We have a nice lunch, and spend the rest of of the time reading in the sun with a lovely sea breeze.
  • Amazing dinner after. See here for details.




Day Eight, Catania: We spend as much time as we can in the water (Will) and the sun (me) before packing our stuff, grabbing a quick lunch and driving to the airport. After 2,5 hour flight we arrive at Eindhoven Airport. where brother-in-law picks us up and drives us home.

And that was my Italian Holiday. It wasn’t ideal with the broken ankle, but it was still wonderful. Big thanks to my family-in-law (and most importantly, Will), the air travel employees that were so helpful, and Snap Traveller. Thanks to them, in combination with copious amounts of wine and my painkillers, I had a great week.

And now I’m going to soak up this last Freak of Nature November Sunshine that is happening outside. BYE!

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