Course Sneak Peek: 15 Self Help Suggestions

This list is a sneak-peek of what kind of material Self Help Course Level 1 entailed: I mostly send out longer text-material on Mondays and provide fun lists & exercises to entertain my students with over the weekend. I couldn’t resist sharing this little Self Help Suggestions with you that my students got the second week: It was a favorite. I don’t know when I will be doing a Self Help Course again, but consider this a peek into my cabinet of tricks. It’s one big ass cabinet.
  • Make a list of things you’ve been putting off for as long as you can remember (the type of things that start bugging you when you’re in bed and should go to sleep, you know?).  Take a first step to cross then off your list. Hell, take two.
  •  Pick your favorite self help book and do the first exercise that’s provided in the book. Pretend the author is patting your shoulder and giving you notes.
  • Think about things you want on your resume. A certain language, hobby, internship, committee? Take an active step to make that more of a reality! Sign up for a course, send an e-mail to Human Resources of that company, write the sorority , call the club to see if you can come try out. Babysteps, remember?
  • Have a talk with a close friend about things you want to improve in your life. Confide in each other. Help eachother out. Share experiences and tips. Leave all inspired and excited. Inquire in each other’s progress every once in a while.
  • On your days off from school or work, still get up on a reasonable hour, shower, dress up and make yourself look nice and pretty. It will set a good tone and you’ll be more action-oriented, productive and positive.
  • Make a friendly bet with your boyfriend, roommate or a competitive brother or sister. Who can run the most kilometers this month? Who can crank out the most words for your book, blog or thesis? Who can make the most hours to study? Make it fun and hang a progress chart in shared space so you can keep score easily! Treat eachother to dinner or a gift by the end of the bet!
  • Set a timer and do something for 30 minutes, 45 minutes of 60 minutes, no interruptions. Whether it’s cleaning your room, writing, making a study schedule or even just relaxing, train yourself to focus on one thing only for a certain period of time. Bonus point if you can build up to longer interrupted times.
  • Try working out in the morning. Sets a great tone for the rest of the day too; you’ve already taken care of your health so you’ll feel awesome and feeling awesome inspires more awesome actions!
  • Start a 30-Day Trial!
  • Look on your favorite self-help website or browse through your favorite self-help book and underline/write down the things applicable to your life. We need to learn to read this stuff while keeping our own lives in mind. That way we bridge the gap from knowing to doing.
  • Try ‘Stuffing A Day’. Have one day a week/a month that you stuff with all this life improving stuff. On a ‘Stuffed Day’ you go to the market for fresh fruits, you go to a yoga class, study for two hours, see your most inspiring friend and have a language course at night. This way you can feel really great about that day and it will also inspire you to do more of these good things during the week!
  • No Internet or Television for a day. Your productivity will soar, but it’s not always easy. Good luck. 😉
  • Create your ideal week schedule, but don’t overdose yourself with new habits; choose one. Now, slow and steady implement it in your routines. See where you end up.

I’m still sick unfortunately, fever turned into a mean stomach bug that has me in bed and watching more Glee than is good for a person. I now honestly don’t understand why Manfred doesn’t do a choreographed ballad when he comes home from work. Hope you guys are good and that I can write from an upright position anytime soon!

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    1. Leuk, ik ben benieuwd hoe het je zal vergaan: geniet ervan en ik zal af en toe je blog checken om te kijken hoe het gaat!

  1. Heb zelf een Chrome Nanny op mijn internetbrowser geïnstalleerd. Kan ik nog wel op mijn mail, maar niet op zaken als Facebook en Twitter. Productiviteit: +100.

  2. I love this! And I’m so happy I found your blog. I’m such a sucker for good self-help bloggers. <3

    Alyssa Nicole @