Self Help Book Review: Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen

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Once upon a time, a fellow yogi tipped me on Rachel Brathen’s Instagram: Yoga Girl.

Now, this yoga girl is going to review The Yoga Girl BOOK.

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DISCOVERY: I have been following Yoga Girl on Instagram for years. I love her account: The yoga poses, her dogs, her sexy Aruban husband with a Dutch name, and how happy she always looks. She is radiant. She seems to be truly living her truth, you know? Another reason I love Rachel is her beautiful captions under her pictures. Often very long, very touching.

In fact, I’m not ashamed to admit that when her best friend died in a car accident and she shared what that did to her on Instagram, I fucking BAWLED at times. And I even sent her a message with my love and support, hoping it would help, even if it was just the littlest bit in this sea of sorrow.

My girl Merel tipped me on the book MONTHS ago (and she wrote about it this week too!) but I only got it last week. Read it in one go.

It was sent to me by the publisher (I am so lucky! And that is not even sarcasm! I actually mean it!), but you can get it on, the Dutch version here and the English version here.

I gotta say, Dutch wasn’t terrible, except for the translated inspirational quotes. Yuck.

SUBJECT: The life of yoga girl Rachel, the good and the bad, including a plethora of gorgeous pictures of pretty blonde Rachel smiling and pulling off gorgeous poses. Additionally, there are also yoga poses you can do, recipes to try, and inspirational pages with wise words. (These are not the translated quotes, but actual inspirational words that work)

KOOKINESS: 3. Actually, not at all bad, just a little trust-and-you-will-receive-y, which is definitely true for her.

Girl is equally down to earth and in touch with the Universe and energy. For me, it’s perfect. The most kooky thing I could catch Rachel write was that when she was in a shitty job she said out loud: “Okay Universe, I’m done with this and I’m ready for something new.”

But of course, if healthy green food, yoga poses and being mindful is kooky in your eyes, then maybe this is not the book you’re looking for.

SHH STAMP OF APPROVAL: Yes GOD. Gorgeous inspiring book. Perfect to browse through on a Sunday morning, to find quotes in that help you in your life right now and to read at night so you’ll go to yoga in the morning.

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  • “Embrace all aspects of your personally and live your authentic truth.”
  • “I started looking at the bigger picture and I suddenly realised I wanted to be happy.”
  • “If I want to change my life, I can do that. If I want abundance, I can create that. I am in charge.”
  • “We are beings of energy. What you exude, you will get back. If you don’t want your entire life to be about your physical form (which is so not important in the bigger picture) you have to realise this and make fundamental changes within.”
  • “Give yourself all the care you need.”
  • “Love. Over. Fear.”


  • You follow Yoga Girl on Instagram
  • You like yoga, the story
  • You like to have an easy guide on how to do postures
  • You like to get inspired to do more with yoga in your daily life
  • You’re in the mood for a lot of pictures of a gorgeous happy blonde chick smiling!


Long story short: Love yoga. Love Rachel. Loved Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. Hope more books of her happen. Bye.

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  1. Mooi boek he? Maar inderdaad, die vertaalde quotes.. doe maar gewoon niet. Had ze alsjeblieft gewoon in het Engels gelaten, dat trek ik dan toch beter. Maar verder absoluut een erg inspirerend en mooi vormgegeven boek!