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I used to be a HUGE Gala Darling fan. I read her blog on the daily (her Surprise Me button was my FAVORITE – everything that appeared was a gem!) and I loved her unique, fun sparkly way of writing and living her life.

I read a lot of the Radical Self Love chapters when they were still Love & Sequins ebook chapters, and I LOVED them. Some of them were collected in Gala Darling’s first print book that was picked up by Hay House.

I read it and wrote a review on the Radical Self Love book.

DISCOVERY: I don’t know how I stumbled upon Gala Darling, but she had pink hair, an interesting story and she wrote beautifully and happily. I, in all my cute naive 20-year old glory, was a goner. I. Loved. Her.

To me now, 28 and with a lot of experiences under my belt that have left me wiser but, Gala is a unicorn that does not prance around in the real world my world.

Additionally, she is a lesson that I don’t have to LOVE everything about someone does to still enjoy their work and respect them as a person (and not be a dick to or about them – take notes Internet).

I think she’s great. She is creative, beautiful, a great writer. I love that she does whatever she wants. But I miss her old writing, I sometimes wish she’d be more practical than just pink sparkles and Universe, and perhaps most importantly, I DESPISE the Mercury Retrograde article that gets rehashed every three weeks. WE GET IT. PLANETS AND STARS MOVE AROUND AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP OUR COMPUTER ACCORDING TO YOU.

Ahem. I did buy the book. On Amazon for 10 dollars or something here*

*Affiliate link, where when you buy something from Amazon I get a teeny tiny fee. Come on babies, get me from 0.36 cents to 0.54 cents in my account.

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SUBJECT: Well, radical self love of course! I do fully support the idea of women radically loving and respecting and honouring themselves. I believe it would save a lot of women from shitty men, shitty relationships, shitty jobs and shitty lives. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but self respect is a starting point.

The book also touches on friendship, love, manifesting and manners – which are topics that of course are interlinked with the main subject.

KOOKINESS (1-10): Gala is a full-blown Manifesting & Magic evangelist, so that might be a bit much for some. I’d say 8.

I enjoy reading about it though, and honestly? When it comes down to it, I’d rather dabble a little in manifesting and positive thinking than be a bitter Betty. I can be practical and magic at the same time, goddammit.


  • “Being happy is awesome and I am so much more creative, adventurous, interesting, prosperous and fulfilled than I could have ever imagined.”
  • “My father always told me that one of the best ways to build self-esteem is to take on challenges, see them through and achieve things you’re proud of. He is fond of the phrase: ‘get some successes under your belt’. Of course, he is right!”
  • “Goal-setting is essential for encouraging your self esteem to flourish. It will make you realise that you have value, purpose, and unique talents to offer.”
  • “Feeling intimidated? Just start small. Channel your mother when you get dressed, or think like your aunt when you’re doing business. Then let it swell, and make it bigger. Think Madonna’s ego, Kanye’s ambition.”
  • “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever you think about and whatever you expect, you will attract.”
  • “Know this now: you can spin your life into whatever you want.”
  • “Clutching onto your anger -which is all about your ego- is a massive waste of time and energy.”
  • “Clinging super tightly to your wants, needs, and desires is a surefire way to block your blessings.”
  • “Breakups can be a real eye-opener, because when they happen, you learn what your ex is really like.”
  • “Remember, all the energy you invest in them [shitty people] is time you could be spending making yourself happy! Living well is the best revenge!”
  • “Manifesting is a two-way street, you cannot simply meditate your way to a mansion in Beverly Hills, much as you might like to.”
  • “When you’re engaged with your phone, you’re only half-committing to whatever is going on around you.”

SHH STAMP OF APPROVAL: Yes. It’s fun, cute and it has some good lessons and quotes! However, if you were a hardcore Gala-fan and you’ve read Love & Sequins, you’ve already read this book.


  • You have NOT read the Love & Sequins chapters
  • You love Gala Darling
  • You love reading about how to love yourself
  • You’re okay with a LOT of the “if you can dream it, you can do it” and “The Secret”-type mentality.


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  1. I’ve been reading her site since the days of the blue hair which must be about 7 – 8 years now. I just bought the Kindle edition. I’m still reading it….there is some good stuff in it. For me it’s about cherry picking out what works for my life. And that includes the whole learning to love myself and feeling positive. Though yeah. Mercury Retrograde? Yeah. So not my cuppa. And for those internet trolls she brings a smile to the face of a lot of people. What’s so bad about that?

  2. Ik kende haar nog helemaal niet en ben nu wel nieuwsgierig. Ik vind de quotes wel heel tof trouwens. Thanks voor de tip!

  3. Yup, I’ve been reading her blog since like 2008? I still check in monthly to at the very least check out her Carousel links (remember when those were every week?). Definitely one of the first fashion/new age-y bloggers I fell HARD for. Her brand and her persona have definitely evolved and I agree with you 100% that not necessarily for the better — she’s one in a VERY saturated market these days.

    Glad to hear her book is okay!