Self Help Book Review Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein’s second book ‘Spirit Junkie’ to me feels like her first book, as it seems to be the starting point of her journey and it was the very first book of hers I have ever read.

Although Gabrielle’s talk of the Universe is a wee bit intense for me from time to time, I love her books. Review after the jump.

Discovery of the Book: This is actually Gabrielle’s second book! I like Spirit Junkie better than ‘Add more ~ing to your life‘, although that book is pretty good too. It just takes a different approach to telling the story. Spirit Junkie is a personal story, Add More Ing To Your Life is more of a guide using different story lines and practical tips.

Anyway,  I got ‘Spirit Junkie’ as an iBook for 9 bucks and dove right in. You can also get a real life paperback copy here* for only 12,49 euros, but you can also buy it through Amazon*: The Kindle version is only 11.43$!

Subject: Gabby talks about her progress. About her journey from a stressed and anxious person to a spiritually sound and blissfully happy being.

She talks about her ~ing as she calls her Inner Guide or Inner Teacher and how she developed a stronger, beautiful relationship with it. She also talks a lot about the ego, which I wrote this article about because I related to this a lot.

Kookiness Scale (1-10): A 7, in my opion. All the Inner Guide, Spirit and Ego Talk might be a bit much for some people. However, because she talks about her life and her struggles in such an honest and down-to-earth way, it’s integrated beautifully.

Favorite Quotes: 

  • “The ego is like a bully that takes over our mind.”
  • “To make matters worse, the ego starts attacking others. Whenever we feel threatened or hurt by someone, rather than forgive them and remember that they’re love too, the ego will “protject” us from hurt by attacking. This “protection” is actually another ego trick for keeping the illusion alive. As long as we’re attacking someone, we’re reinforcing anger, fear, resentment and lack of forgiveness. This is a funny trick because the ego has conviced us that this attack is “protection.”
  • “A gentle surrender to the love that lives within you is all you need.”
  • “The more I called on spirit, the more love I felt around me.”

You should read this book if…: 

  • You want to read about a young and spiritual role model. Move over, Carrie Bradshaw!
  • You want to integrate more intuition and love into your life.
  • You want to know more about why you can have such trouble with Ego (and how to get beyond it!)
  • You want to read a fun and well-written spiritual non-fiction book.

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