Self Help Book Parade: Fire Starter Sessions.

Discovery: Danielle LaPorte is another name in the Self Help Section of 2012. She ranks among Gabrielle Bernstein (book review here), Kris Carr (book review here):  These women are basically what I believe self-help book writers of this day and age should be: sexy, smart, spiritual and excellent writers. I discovered her on Twitter (her tweets are fun & make you think), snooped around on her website and after reading some of her blog entries, I then bought her e-Book on iTunes for 9,99, but you can also buy it here for 24,99 (hardcover AND gorgeous).

Subjects: Basically, Danielle writes about setting your soul on fire, becoming your true self and how that is going to make you a successful vixen of truth and awesome. There are three different parts, called ‘Mojo’, ‘Moxie’ & ‘Results’ with different chapters (the fire sessions) and worksheets. It’s really a bunch of sessions to start your fire, which is great. It’s good to start a little fire within.

Kookiness Scale (1-10): I’m going to say 7. But not because Danielle talks about ghosts and energy and woo-woo type things. There’s two other things that make it different for me.

One, the writing. The writing is amazing but completely different from most other self help books. The writing is gorgeous and intricate in a way that makes me feel like I’m reading a self help Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. It’s stunning and makes for excellent reading in my opinion, but if you’re used to the basic writing of most self-help books this might take a little adjusting for you too.

Two, the complexity: I feel I don’t understand it yet. I’ve had the same thing with the Abraham Hicks Series by Jerry & Esther Hicks. I tried to read them but I just couldn’t work with it. I consequently stopped reading with the conclusion: “I’m not ready for this stuff yet, I’ll try again when I feel that I am” The difference with this book is that I can still read it: I’ve marked the parts that I love and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone. But I don’t think I’m really getting the underlying message. Not right now anyway. I hope I will when I read it again.

Favorite Quotes (and this is really why you should read this book. The quotes are incredible & invigorating): 

  • “You can manage your time like a ninja, make vision boards, and set quarterly goals till the future’s so bright you gotta wear shades, but if all those systems don’t work, then something’s…not working.”
  • “Success is messy. Career visions spill into lifestyle choices, mask into spiritual paradigms and ride on top of relationships. It’s all interconnected and paradoxical. And promising.”
  • “And I think I can protect myself without fucking anyone else over.”
  • “I would stand in my very immense power. And I would aim to do it free of vengeance, free of resentment, grateful for all that I had. Inside, I was purring like a panther in her tree. Smiling.”
  • “When you focus on building your natural strengths and doing what comes easiest to you, you gain a momentum in your life that feels efficient and exciting and hot. Like, sexy kind of hot, and deeply nourishing kind of hot; like your heart is on fire kind of hot. The kind of hot we all want to feel. Are you with me?”
  • “And, ironically, when you strive for mastery, you become more accessible. Aspiring to something greater always makes you more vulnerable.”
  • “(Nowhere in the definition of devoted do the words balanced, measured or normal appear.)”
  • “Becoming you is your purpose.”
  • “It’s illogical, grandiose, crazy and most certainly romantic. It’s faith. But these are the essential ingredients for breaking through mediocrity and cynicism.”
  • “Intend to shine. You can be modest about your great success; you can be honest about your fears; you can be proud and loud without the arrogance appetizer.”
  • “Mistakes happen. Big, dumb, stupid, lazy mistakes. Fat frickin’ messes that you will regret for a very long time. And no affirmation or predeterministic thinking will change the fact that you’ve done gone and fucked up. And when you get that real about it, you don’t need to waste energy protecting your ego or pouring on the sweetener. You can use that energy to clean up the mess and love yourself while you’re doing it.”

You should read this book…

  • If you like Danielle LaPorte’s tweets & website.
  • If you’re ready for a self-help book very different from most other books today!
  • If you’re ready for your head to spin from the luxuriously beautiful writing.
  • If the quotes above make you all tingly like they did make me!

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  1. Love, love 🙂
    Heb je wel eens de youtube filmpjes van Abraham beluisterd? Kheb ze met gazillions omgezet in mp3. Erg inspirerend en eye/heart opening!

    leuke post weer x keep it up

  2. Sounds like an interesting book 🙂 reminds me a little bit of ‘the Red Book’ by Sera Beak, have you read that one? It’s not on the same topic though (more on spirituality and religion in general), but the writing style (and how the writer is this awesome sexy young woman) might be alike.

    Btw, are you still planning to do a review about ‘the Secret’? You talk a lot about the law of attraction, so I’m interested in that book. (I know it’s really famous and all that, but I really haven’t got a clue what the secret is… )

    1. Not yet, and I will do a review on the book The Secret (but I can already spoil it by telling you I will not be recommending it!)