Self Help Book Parade #5

Discovery of the book: My journey towards a more raw, alkaline diet started because of two things. First, I found Sabine. Sabine is a Vegan Raw Food Goddess (and Raw Cacao Junkie but I didn’t learn that until later) and she has her own website, which became one of my main sources for information about food, health and well-being. I spent nights reading all over her stuff and learned more than I did from most library books.

The second thing that put my journey towards a healthier lifestyle in high-gear was this book, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. Which I won through a give-away on Sabine’s website. Ahem. Time for my favorite gif:

Subjects: Kris talks about her cancer, but only briefly; the rest of the book is dedicated to a holistic approach to health. CSD covers all topics, from alkalinity to exercise, from meditation to superfoods, from juicing to colon cleanses. The latter isn’t really my thing either, but it’s still interesting to read about it. The book also contains recipes, testimonials and columns of experts.

Kookiness scale (1-10): 3. There’s very little in this book that can go over your head, as Kris doesn’t talk about really weird cooky things, but I’ve made it a 3 anyway because there is a lot in this book that can bring up resistance in some people. For one thing, Kris her (incredibly rare form of) cancer remains stable because she takes such good care of herself. This may be true for her, but this is not necessarily true for someone else and their cancer, or any other disease. I can imagine if you’re someone suffering or know someone suffering from a deadly illness, you can get a little aggravated (sad) over that. After all, we’d all love to cure the ones we love the way she cured herself. Also, she’s pretty adamant in her distaste for dairy, meat and other refined products and if you don’t feel the way she does, this might rub you the wrong way.

I do reckon this only applies to people whose issues run deep. Kris talks about it all in such a friendly and fun way that it’s also very easy to read on and skip over the parts you don’t agree with or the rules you don’t intend to follow.

This is my favorite part of the book, the introduction to the chapter Cupcakes, Coffee & cocktails:

“Before we start our lesson on sugar and other stimulants, let’s get one thing straight: You are sweet enough. You are sharp enough. Your natural holy state is more than enough. Your natural, holy state is more than enough. You just think you need that extra boost. But your body knows exactly how to create it naturally. Keep it clean and lean. Dump the crack!

The real you knows exactly what I mean. In your original state you ooze magic honey. Unicorns want to lick you. Cupcakes and vodka just won’t do.”

This fun, sweet and wonderful writing is what makes this book so good in my opinion. With her original and enthusiastic writing Kris Carr cheers you on all the way.

Favorite Quotes

  • “Goodbye woe-is-me thinking and hello, royal care! The awakening is like a cosmic consciousness cocktail that makes you tipsy with self-empowerment”
  • “Whether you’re A CEO or a homemaker, life is complicated, gorgeous, staggering and wild. Let your hair down and ride it bareback. Your new Crazy sexy Diet helps you get over the finish line every single time.”
  • “Know this, sweetheart: Your diet and lifestyle choices will either help or harm your delicate pH balance and your overall health.”
  • “In fact, your precious cells are like little batteries that run on energy provided by the sun, either directly or indirectly.”
  • “Moderation is not a green light. Moderation is education and conscious decision making.”
  • “If you’re hauling around garbacy in your cells, tissues or colon, you’re literally waste-ing your vibrant potential.”
  • “Guzzling green goodness balances your pH and gives you a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and oxygen.”
  • “As Terri Cole, an awesome therapist, life coach and my best pal, says, “If not you, then who? And if not now, then when?””

You should read this book if…

  • You’d like to know more about alkalinity and an alkaline diet.
  • You’d like to know more about your body and how food works in it.
  • You want to take better care of your health, skin, body and fitness.
  • You want to find a book that talks about all the aspects of health (a holistic approach).
  • You want to be a Wellness Warrior!

Have you read Crazy Sexy Diet? Did you like it?

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