Self Help Book Parade: Mastering Your Hidden Self

This type of book is why rational and scientific people freak the fuck out over self help. The title alone paints a picture of people waving incense, tripping and chanting as they try to ‘master’ their ‘hidden self’. The title is not why I love this book: I have no hidden self – all the self I have is right here for everyone to see. Also, I’ve already Mastered quite enough. So yeah. The title does not work for me either. But this book totally rocks my spiritual and rational boat.

History: I stumbled upon this book in an obscure shop in Prague when I was there in March with my boyfriend . He was trying not to fall asleep in a desk chair in the back of the store while I raided the Spirituality Shelves. I never expected it would turn out to be a book that profoundly altered the way I looked at things.

Main Message: Huna philosophy. Apparently Huna is a super New Age thing, founded by Max Long. It’s based on ideas of the Kahuna, which are Hawaiian priests of some sort. It addresses different levels of our selves, the communication between you and your higher self, intuition and different types of energy surrounding us. Sounds extremely incense-y and moodring-y thus far, right? But Huna Practice entails this: Bless the present, Trust yourself, Expect The Best. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I can totally get behind that. To make things even better, these are the 7 Huna Principles.

  1. The world is what you think it is
  2. There are no limits
  3. Energy flows where attention goes
  4. Now is the moment of power
  5. To love is to be happy with
  6. All power comes from within
  7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

So, although this book could be deemed hippie and cracked out crazy to some of the more sceptical minds, the principles and practice resonated so much truth to me. There were some visualization exercises and stuff about energy that I really learnt from. Even though it was completely new (and even a little whacked out to my taste), I could feel it sparking something in me. This book is great, as long as you know how to read a self help book: take what you love and leave the rest.

Subjects: Covers many topics, from energy, to intuition, to food. There is also a lot about love, interpersonal relationships and creating along with the Univers (favorite parts of mine). It also offers ideas and exercises for Huna practice and creative meditation.

Kookiness Scale (1-10): Definitely a 9. The only thing that could make this book any more out there was if they started discussing aliens. But who knows: maybe they did and I just blocked it.

Favorite Quotes: 

  • “You can create, in some form or another, anything you can conceive.”
  • You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for a future of your choosing.”
  • “Love involves the creation of happiness.”
  • “The main thing to remember is that your ku (subconscious) will serve you faithfully and quikcly, as soon as you learn to give it good orders.”
  • “If anyone does follow your will, it is for his own reasons, not yours.”
  • “Mental and emotional attitudes can either inhibit or enhance the flow of mana (energy) in your being.”

You should read this book if…

  • You can turn off your Crazy radar and skip across parts that are too much for you.
  • You are interested in how to deal with your subconscious
  • You want to know more about different types of energies
  • You’d like to know more about Huna principles and practice

I originally posted two or three things out of this book on my previous blog, I’ll transfer them next week so you can see the Great out of this book with only a hint of the Crazy. If you want to know more about this book, let me know and I’ll see if I can answer your questions!

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  1. Dear selfhelphipster,

    I really like your blog! I was wondering if you have some self-help tips on gaining more self discipline. There is so much I want to do, there seems to be so little time and in the end I always end up facebooking and eating potato chips instead of yoga-ing and writing a book..

  2. Ohhhh I would LOVE to read this. You make my to-read-list longer & longer.

    1) The world is what you think it is. > Sooo true; somethimes your whole attitude and mood can change because of the way look at something. ‘the thing’ didn’t change, your perspective did. & 3) Energy flows where attention goes.. AMEN