The Secret For Suckers: Role Universe in the Law of Attraction.

You’re probably thinking right now: “Gee, thanks for the psychology of the Law of Attraction… but when can I start attracting things?! Because I want a Matthew McConoughey, a Louis Vuitton purse and a rock-hard abs. Like, right now.”

Well, um, okay. First of all, that’s not going to happen. We’re not ripping holes in the space-time continuum for hyper-reality kidnappings, robberies and instant plastic surgeries. You can’t get it right now, and maybe you can’t even get it at all.

But if you want to have any sort of change of using elements of the Law of Attraction to benefit your well-being and your life, I’ve got to introduce you to someone. Or something. Whatever.

Meet…the Universe.


I don’t care how you do it, but picture the Universe. Introduce yourself. Shake hands. Exchange pleasantries about current sports’ victories, I don’t know.

I could never tell how anyone else’s version of the Universe looks, but mine is a big pool of galaxy; with stars, sparkles, energy currents, pretty swirls and colors. Some people actually think it’s God and although I agree there is something divine to it, with the idea in mind that the Universe gives me things I feel weird about the idea ‘God’ gives me Coldplay tickets and great sex with my boyfriend. I don’t call the Universe God. But if that’s a phrase you are comfortable with and you feel holds the right amount of respect and amazing, then you should definitely use it. Call your Universe whatever you want. God, The Universe, the Power, Bob, whatever.


Now, the Universe (whether you think of it as the big wide sky, a pool of stars, a phone line, a WiFi connection, or a radio channel) is your gateway to the home delivery of things you want — or don’t want, but accidentally attract.

See, the idea in the Law of Attraction is that the Universe operates based on what you’re doing, saying, but mostly feeling. Feelings are the predominant clues and cues for things you want in life. When you feel great, the Universe picks up on it and goes “where is all that other great stuff? It will go well with her mood!” And when you feel horrible, the Universe goes “Hmm. I had some crap lying around, let’s give that to her – it complements the crappy mood.”

That’s why a bad day often goes from bad to worse; and that’s why everything runs so smoothly when you wake up happy.

Now, you must understand The Universe isn’t trying to mess with you: in the philosophy of the Law of Attraction it’s benevolent, but impartial. It assumes that whatever you’re feeling is what you want. The Universe works with your emotions and gives you more of what helps you feel those emotions. That’s why I have a strict ‘no wallowing’ rule. It’s fine to be sad, just don’t overdo it or you will cause the Universe to become an accidental douchebag.

I love the Universe. In my head, it goes from being a big pool of galaxy, to a friendly delivery guy to a monster pet to a labradoodle who brings back every stick I throw — because he believes that’s what I want. I can’t blame him for that, now can I?

The Universe can be a pain in the ass, not just because of the Law of Attraction principles, but also because there is (according to me) a big element to it that we don’t understand. I believe I am experiencing things that I may not understand immediately, but that have been put in my path because they are directly or indirectly related to what I want(ed) or to what I need/want to learn.

The role of the Universe in the Law of Attraction philosophy or the Secret is focused on “ask, and you shall receive.” The Universe is supposedly the delivery guy, the FedEx that works on your energetic frequencies.

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